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As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists

As A Final Fuck You To Free Speech On Tumblr, Verizon Blocked Archivists

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  1. Was it because they downloaded a bunch of data? If so are other people like us who use Verizon also in jeopardy of our internet being cut off? The fuck?

  2. Hopefully at some point people will realize that free services run by companies don’t offer any freaking guarantees of free speech or anything else whatsoever.

    The fact people are expecting companies like Verizon, Facebook, Twitter, etc, to have government like responsibilities is actually disturbing. It means functionally companies are becoming our new government.

    If “free” image hosting with protected free speech is something we think we have a right to, then we need to create a regulated government service that provides it, and we pay for it with taxes.

  3. I’ve been running the warrior on AT&T and Verizon mobile broadband data networks. I find it highly unlikely Tumblr will ban hammer mobile data network GNC IP ranges. Things are still working as of right now…

  4. So the weird porn I missed is safe somewhere? Where do I go to see it?

  5. > Verizon’s reputation as really not caring one bit about the damage the company does.

    That’s not fair. Verizon absolutely cares about doing damage and destroying their own reputation, even when there is no profit in it.

  6. Don’t blame Tumbler, blame Verizon. They’re the ones making these shitty decisions.

  7. So will the p0rn actually be blocked?

    yes its not working now,but surely they will improve it so it does?

  8. As a final final fuck you, archivists got around it.

  9. Just want to add my 2 cents:

    I allways thought Tumblr was primarly a porn site. Then news came that they are removing porn. Since then I don’t actually know what tumblr is or will be.

    Instagram for people without friends?
    Twitter with pics?

    From a quality perspective I’m happy that they are going down as their shitty compression sucks and all these sites should go down with them.

  10. You guys do understand that tumbler probably has a CDN and pays bandwidth charges. So with everyone downloading it actually costs them money. I’m not defending them, just explaining why it may have happened.

  11. TLDR – tumblr blocks malicious looking traffic and people are butt hurt

  12. Once all the tumblr blogs are downloaded, how will the information eventually be made available?

  13. Oh well Tumblr is going away. They commited suicide. Serves them right.

  14. Good for Tumblr and Verizon! Good for them for blocking users in order to protect some people from content Verizon thinks might make them offended. /s

  15. Couldn’t you just buy or otherwise obtain proxy IP lists? I had friends in internet marketing who did large-scale scraping on their own home machines. It inputs large lists of proxy IP’s (hundreds, thousands), and uses like 50 at a time that act like threads in a large process. If some IPs stopped working, there was some mechanism to detect that, and it would simply move that IP to a list of “burnt out” ones and replace it with another fresh one. It made any kind of anti scraping mechanisms irrelevant. The software was called scrapebox for anyone who wants to know more. Perhaps some of that functionality can be moved to whatever in house tools archivers use?

  16. ‘Free speech’? It is a private website, they can do whatever they want.

    Are they assholes? No doubt about it, but it is their sandbox.

  17. > why look at that the archiving of tumblr restarted how did that happen must be a bug surely a crack team of activist archivists didn’t see an ip block as a small setback and then turned everything up to 11

    Haha, huge respect for these folks

  18. TIL there’s a group called the archive team. Not so sure about their “famous” title, but I applaud their efforts…