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Are smr drives good for just storing my pirated files?

Excuse my noobness, ive been reading posts here looking for some guidance and i noticed that smr drives are trash talked here, and the cheapest external hdds are smr drives, but what if i just use it to store some movies and tv shows? Maybe use it once or twice a week to copy files to my phone? If i just use it that way how long do you guys think it’ll last?

Planning to buy one of these: 2tb WD blue, Seagate barracuda, wd elements

Any suggestions would be great thanks

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8 Yorumları

  1. I use a SMR drive for my data storage drive. Reading from the drive is fine, but write performance is low when writing large amounts of data.

    At first it’ll seem fast, but after a second or two, the cache fills up and it’ll slow to a crawl. Even after the write is “finished” its not technically done. If you open up the task manager, switch to the performance tab, and click on the disk that is an SMR drive you’ll notice that even though the explorer box showing the progress is gone, the disk is still pegged at high usage. That’s because its dumping the cache onto the disk.

    Honestly I’m not against SMR drives, unlike a lot of posters I see on various subreddits. They’re great for low write/high read applications. But keep in mind that when you’re writing data to the drive, it will be fairly slow.

  2. I chucked a 6tb SMR into a drive pool array.

    I havent noticed any slow down or issue.

    It stores my full HD and remuxes. so 20-70 gig. plays everything fine.

    I think for that purpuse there are no issues at all.

    No raid cause ill just regrab everything if it dies. And stablebit will hopefully tell me before it craps out.

  3. Ah, the average redditor. Mentioning they did something illegal, with irrefutable evidence

  4. It’s a performance and value thing. Sure, the performance is crap but for your use case it doesn’t – currently – matter. But the value is another thing – you’re not paying much less, and getting a worse product. When you decide sometime down the line to use that drive for something else you’re screwed.

  5. They are fine. They are just really really slow if you are moving data around. This makes them a poor value for their price. And, yes, pretty much all of the cheaper drives are SMR.

    Most of the cheap SSDs have gone to crap over the last year, too.

  6. SMR drives are good enough for archives and cold data. Actually, they mostly do not fit to be used in the RAID array. This link might be useful before HDD shopping: [https://www.vmwareblog.org/shopping-hdds-notes-right/](https://www.vmwareblog.org/shopping-hdds-notes-right/)

  7. Don’t mention pirated content in any subreddit that you don’t want to get eventually shut down