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[Archive Team] @gfycat has threatened to sue and is demanding compensation for the downloads. We have stopped the project.

[Archive Team] @gfycat has threatened to sue and is demanding compensation for the downloads. We have stopped the project.

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  1. jokes aside…. can we hoard everything, and re-upload into gfycat ?

  2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EIys4juW4AEl6dN.jpg:large

    So, the CEO of gfycat offered to work with them to archive the works in a non-disruptive way that wouldn’t be in violation of the EULA, and Jason Scott basically acted like a pissed off 14 year old.

    He should have known he couldn’t get away with this “my way or the highway” crap for too long. :/

    Despite his what cowboy hat implies, the internet isn’t the internet isn’t the wild west anymore. Sometimes, you just gotta work with the folks in the company to archive the data hosted by their services.

    I hope he comes around and decides to work with em. I’m sure it’ll be a lot easier for them to just run a query, tar it all up and ship it to the internet archive.

  3. So this begs the question: they offered to work with organizations that wish to legally archive the content, so how about getting past your incredulity and make the formal request? That way if they refuse then you have a basis for subversion later on.

  4. I’d like to see their grounds, they don’t hold the rights to their content, perhaps a violation of their ToS but the legal status of those is untested at best.

  5. It’s costing them a whole $0.02 every gb downloaded. They will be bankrupted if they continued clearly.

  6. So just “view” everything that’s at risk 200 times. Maybe you can even visit the link but not download the image to save them bandwidth.

  7. Sounds like they didnt account for Hyrum’s Law. Make an API available and it WILL be used and relied on.

  8. I’ve always said Gfycrap was a shitty site, managed by shitty people.

  9. As someone who was in the archiveteam channel as it was happening:

    No data was pulled from their CDN. It was strictly API calls. Their API docs say that the API is unlimited and free to all 3rd party developers, with no auth required. Nothing illegal happened.
    Just a bunch of EC2 nodes hammering away at their API because they refused to give us any list or files.

    Gfycat’s Twitter is filled with misinformation to try and make archiveteam look bad.

  10. >We are willing to work with any archiving team that wishes to legally archive data that our team no longer wishes to store, your actions were **not legal**.

    …How was this not legal?

  11. Seems like people are now just going to archive it on there own and make even more traffic then a organized effort would.

  12. Fucking wank brains. Don’t stop archiving, their claims are bs.

  13. so… just from quick browse and “inspect element”/check network tab….

    one can downloading all GIF URLs by running Selenium (or any other headless browser)

    visiting URLs like:


    URLs for the GIFs seem to live under `gfycats.content_urls`. I’d assume `largeGif` would be the maximum size they make available?

  14. Forgive my ignorance here. But if they even did actually sue I’m pretty sure they’d have a weak case considering LinkedIn just lost a huge court case for something like this.

    Pretty much if something is publicly accessible they can’t go after you for scraping it. I’m no Lawyer though.

  15. The letter says they’re willing to work with archivists, so naturally they’ll just hand the data over no problem then right?

    Also the letter said “this is not legal” lol

  16. >revokes and terminates any permission or authorization … to access website


    That’s not how the internet works.

  17. This letter is trash. It means nothing.

    There is no way it was written by an attorney. However, if it was, then this is ArchiveTeam’s lucky day, because this would be the most incompetent member of the bar in recent memory, and they are not going to be able to hold you to account for anyfuckingthing.

    I’m disappointed that ArchiveTeam would have done anything other than laugh this off. ArchiveTeam should pick back up exactly where they left off, and they should do it immediately. There’s nothing gfycat can do.

  18. >$ traceroute thumbs.gfycat.com

    >traceroute to d3my7gygxlhw3x.cloudfront.net (

    what’s this about gfycat’s network, exactly?

    I’m sure you guys know, but CloudFront is Amazon’s CDN, and there is absolutely *no way* ArchiveTeam could have even made a dent in it. Zero. [Here is a list of other companies serving content through CloudFront.](https://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/case-studies/)

    What gifycat meant was “we don’t want to pay for the bandwidth you guys are using, so we’re going to copy and paste some words together that we think lawyers might use.”

    I mean, let’s be honest, it’s totally eating in to the money they are making selling ads on top of other people’s works.
    Sorry Dan, Don, whatever the fuck your name is… You are totally full of shit.

  19. What would happen if it were instead picked up by a large number of independent people?

  20. These shitty hosting companies are going to do this ad infinitum. We should start some backup whenever we jump to the next temporarily-not-shitty host.

  21. How can we help archive that? Gonna setup 2 10Gig links dedicated to download the at risk content.

  22. Not only their infrastructure is not able to handle increased amount of requests but they also have not implemented any kind of request rate limiter to protect it from such event. Incredible.

  23. So they claim it was a DDOS. How fast were you hitting their site? Is their claim legit?

    if it was like 1 GIF per second, their claim is laughable. if it was 10,000 a second, it has merit.

  24. Gfycat: this sucks, no-one’s viewing these gifs

    Also gfycat: viewing these gifs brought down our website

  25. funny because all gfycat is is a CDN. They don’t create any content and they aren’t the copyright owners. Today is Digital preservation day too, which is a good day to get sued on for exactly that. CEO is finally trying to cooperate after some backlash.