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Archive of download.cnet.com

I archived all the downloadable software from [download.cnet.com](https://download.cnet.com), currently uploading it to IA in batches, organized by years, probably not of interest to many to grab it to be honest. Bookmark my profile on archive if you want to get them when all upped.

Here is database: [https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_products-database](https://archive.org/details/download.cnet.com_products-database)

1995-1999 is complete.


Uploading this at the moment with a torrent.




== EDIT ==

2005-2009 uploading now, 740GB, thanks all who are downloading means it can upload faster to IA which usually grabs it really slow from me 😀



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24 Yorumları

  1. …and yet we still don’t have the full Climate Change townhall footage on the current website :/

  2. Added, will seed from seed box for 30 days, and from home connection until I dont want to anymore.

  3. Does this include the Quake 1 maps? If so, this could be the BIGGEST payload to Quake 1 maps ever.

    Please say yes.

  4. Cnet without the “Downloader” Trojans? It just wouldn’t be the same…

    Good work!

  5. I use [download.cnet.com](https://download.cnet.com) all the time for archiving old demos and shareware. I’m glad you are doing this.

  6. I’m sure there will be something someone will need years down the line in there

  7. Download.com was a gigantic part of my childhood. Thank you!

  8. Is there an archive of the old http://ftp.cdrom.com?

    I would connect there from a dial-up bbs that had a door app that allowed ftp connections to the internet

    I would use it to download doom wads and TC’s.

    With time that’s where i got the QTest!

  9. That’s…really quite surprisingly small.

    TIL that I had plenty of drive capacity to store the entirety of download.cnet.com in nineteen ninety eight.

  10. What’s the size of the total archive? And what are yours storing it on? Neat!

  11. Is anyone else aware of any other archives similar to these they can point me too? I have scoured [archive.org](https://archive.org) and ended up leveraging a couple Open FTP search engines to find sites for older TuCows and Shareware sites from ~2005 to download those archives, but the more the better!

  12. what’s the point in doing this? what are you going to do with all these downloads?

  13. Thank you so much! People like you keep the old internet accessible, don’t assume people don’t value that 🙂

  14. Thank you for doing this. I’m sure there are still many obscure sharewares and demos of games buried in there, unavailable anywhere else, and these download websites are not eternal (I was surprised at the shutdown of Gamer’s Hell).