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Archive Link In Comments. 40 years of Televison

Archive Link In Comments. 40 years of Televison

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  1. Eh most of what’s on TV isn’t worth keeping, 90% of it was/is garbage best forgotten (only slightly less so back then because there were only 3 channels, if you could put up with 10-15 mins of ads per hour, now it’s 20 mins). The other 10% gets released on DVD or Bluray anyway, it’s why I haven’t even owned a TV since 2010.

  2. She’s got all of the A-Team, Knight Rider, Air Wolf, Dukes of Hazard, MacGuyver… I want to get a case of scotch and go hang out with her for a few weeks. Imagine watching those with all of the vintage commercials intact.

  3. Biden should give her a Freedom Medal posthumously.

  4. The amount of reposts this gets is astounding…

  5. Marion Stokes is really cool. I saw a PBS documentary on her a few months ago.

  6. Every time I see this I get super annoyed because I can never find what I know must be in there. Specifically a news broadcast, on August 24th or 25th, 1995, on local Philadelphia affiliates (specifically ~~NBC~~ CBS 10) of a fire my father had responded to and was interviewed about. I’d love to find it but it’s never anywhere to be found.

  7. If only she was British, I am really curious what is in the missing Doctor Who episodes…

  8. I take it all the recordings were on VHS even up to 2012?

  9. Omg. You think she has a copy of the original fruit of the loom comercial? O.o

  10. just looked her up, there are a lot of nice pictures of her, why the hell would anyone use this potato

  11. Mom said it’s my turn to post this next week.

    No seriously, stop it. This gets reposted once a week minimum.

  12. Who knew the crazy lady’s lifelong obsession actually had cultural value, not even sure she did.

  13. Thank you for constantly posting this. I wouldn’t have known about this amazing woman had you not. As a result, I finally watched the documentary about her: **Recorder – The Marion Stokes Project** (2019). *Highly recommended!*

  14. What are the chances the Trump – Oprah missing show is there?

  15. One more place to look for the missing Oprah episode.

  16. Looks mostly like local programs which makes sense for copyright reason. Am I missing something? Would love to see the transitions between pop culture of the time and news of the time.

  17. Ah cool, when I posted this yesterday it was removed. Today it is interesting.

  18. I wonder, how could she afford all the tapes and the storage of them? As far as I remember they weren’t cheap… Say they were $10, that’s almost a million! That was a lot of money in those days!

  19. I was wondering when I’d see this poster in here. =]