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Approved to buy storage solution for my desk at work, any Thunderbolt recommendations?

I need at least 70TB (storing tons of videos), it doesn’t have to be a NAS but might be nice, and Thunderbolt 3 or 4 capabilities to connect to iMac and/or M1 Max MBP

EDIT: It doesn’t have to be exactly 70TB but for context I have two IronWolf Pros 16TB each on a StarTech dock and 1) it’s slow and 2) I’m almost at full capacity already. Mostly dumping video projects after I’m done editing.

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  1. are you using this potential drive as a scratch disk as well ? or simply as a file store for your files etc. Ive worked with video editors and graphic designers for years and come across this very question and issue often. in all honesty – most of these suggestestions with arrays etc are 1-2k for just the chassis and is only 10GBe and then you have to manage and set it all up etc. you would benefit from a DAS(direct attached storage) [like this one](https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/thunderbay-flex-8/thunderbolt-3). while others will argue that their solution is best and most redundant etc. you will have the best speeds directly attached to the array/unit 100% of the time.

  2. On a $2000 budget I would temper expectations on 70TB, unless drives aren’t considered in that budget. Also, when non-mac people hear thunderbolt they start thinking terms of 40Gb/s which for mass storage is very fast. Most consumer grade NAS start topping out at dual 10Gb/s.

    I’d second the recommendations for a Synology NAS and an ethernet adapter. I’d recommend going for the plus series, and maybe getting an extra bay or two for potential expansion/backup and the current drives. But honestly, a lot of this is dependent on the current and future budget.

  3. NAS – DS1821+ with more of the 16TB disks, SHR2 with a 10gb NIC & NVMe cache. Set it up with 6 disks in SHR2, copy your data over, insert the 2 existing 16tb’s & expand the drive pool. Get a TB3 10gbE adapter & a small 10gbE switch. It’s like $5-6k in stuff. Then figure out your backup method – snapshots, local USB3 disks or shoving things up to a cloud like B2.

    Beyond that, it’s a deeper discussion. What’s your workflow consist of? Likelihood of a second editor/shooter soon? There are purpose built products, but they cost a lot more.



    Things to think about –


  4. I think you’re asking for Thunderbolt because that is the port in your laptop, correct? The market for Thunderbolt-attached storage in the size you’re referring to is very small because most businesses don’t buy 70TB of storage to support a single person. They buy something that will attach to the network and support multiple people.

    You’re probably better off attaching a 10 GBe network adapter to your Mac via thunderbolt and buying a NAS unit that supports 70 TB with flash storage to help you achieve Thunderbolt-worthy speeds.

    The [Synology DS3622xs+](https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/DS3622xs+#specs) is one solution that seems that it could meet your specs. It offers 10 gbps Ethernet right out of the box. I’ve never used this particular product but I suspect you’d want to max it out to 48 GB RAM and potentially add in a M.2 SSD card and a compatible SSD to saturate the 10 gbps connection when saving your project. From [this article about editing in 4k](https://www.videomaker.com/article/f6/17135-editing-in-4k-minimum-system-requirements/), it seems that trying to go faster than 10 gbps is probably overkill.

  5. Be helpful to know:

    1. What level of redundancy you hope to achieve – like RAID 10 – because 70 TB takes a really long time to restore from backup.
    2. What speeds are you hoping to reach. The fact that you’re saying the word Thunderbolt leads me to think you’re considering 500+ MB/s (Megabytes per second)
    3. Noise concern from fans or spinning disks?
    4. How much of it needs to be high speed? Can you have a smaller, faster volume and a larger, slower volume to meet 70TB?
    5. What is your budget?