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37 Yorumları

  1. Apple countered by arguing that “no reasonable consumer would believe”

    And there it is. Gaslighting. Anyone who uses Apple products are in an abusive relationship.

  2. Pirating will always be around as long as Apple and other companies pull this stuff.

  3. >US District Court Judge John Mendez wasn’t buying it, as first noticed by the Hollywood Reporter. He rejected a motion filed by Apple that sought to dismiss the suit. That means the suit can move forward with its claims of false advertising and unfair competition, though it could still be settled before going to trial. 

    Please don’t settle. Set a precedent!

  4. I changed my phone a few years ago to android and then a few months later back to iPhone. Since my Apple ID was 2 factored to my phone number that I had for years before changing to android I lost access to my account. This was my first and only account that was 10 years old. Every song, movie, photo, app, contacts ect i had were gone.

    I had to make a new Apple ID. I don’t buy anything anymore. I use Apple Music and don’t buy and apps. Apple taught me i don’t own anything. I’m just paying for the right to use it…

  5. Well good thing I have kept buying Blu-ray and DVD. I guess I will be going back to buying music off of a CD or DRM-free FLAC downloads as well.

  6. “Apple countered by arguing that “no reasonable consumer would believe” that content purchased through iTunes would be available on the platform indefinitely. ” Well, that’s fucking stupid.

  7. Now do Amazon, Google, Steam and every other DRM store that claims you are “purchasing” content.

  8. This is why I will always buy physical media. Then when that disappears I’ll just grumble and keep going through life like a good little cash cow.

  9. I bought a $40 application that converts and removes the drm for this specific reason.

  10. He’s not wrong to be fair. If Apple wants to terminate an account they should still allow access to previously purchased content and just limit the ability to make other purchases.

    That being said the Buy button argument doesn’t hold much weight.. Buying is generally referred to as handing over cash in return for goods and services, the products were still bought they just aren’t owned.

    Why would Apple terminate a single account that has spent 25k though ?

  11. Amazon sold ebooks before Kindle, but the publishing rights of those ebooks didn’t mesh with kindle publishing rights, so they all got deleted from customer accounts. If you don’t have a copy of your digital media saved locally, you don’t really have it.

  12. I feel like companies that do this kind of thing should be required to change the language of “Buy” or “Purchase”.

    You’re not buying or purchasing a copy of the movie, music, or game. What you’re doing is renting it indefinitely through a license agreement.

    You don’t own the copy of the movie, music, or game, therefore using the words “buy” or “purchase” should be considered false advertising.

    Make companies change the language and people will realize what they’re actually paying for. See how many start buying physical copies again.

    Either that or watch companies just move everything over to streaming services.

  13. This is why I refuse to buy any individual show / movie / song / etc. I’ll entertain streaming services, but if I want to buy something to own, it’ll be a physical copy. Since paying the same or similar price on a digital platform doesn’t grant ownership of anything. It grants the privilege to view, which can change at any time..

    Hell, even the streaming services is becoming a harder and harder sell for me with all the exclusive titles and various subscriptions needed to see all my content. But that’s a rant for a different thread

  14. I’m sure apple will solve this before it hits court. The shitty part about this – I’m sure he can not speak to the right people at apple, as with any major company. The people that can make the decision you can not get a hold of. So you are left with filing a lawsuit and then all of a sudden they are freely available.

    Its like this guy: https://www.washingtonpost.com/media/2021/02/13/att-newspaper-ad/

  15. This is why I don’t participate in any schemes to get me to rent or stream video or audio. I download movies and TV shows and store them on hard-drives with backup. And I still buy CDs, rip them to a HDD with backup. Even putting stuff in the cloud is counting on some corporation to not shut it all down. Early on, one of the first “book-reader” tablet companies where people would buy books sold a particular book to a lot of people. They had some legal hassle with the original publisher so they just “removed” it from people’s accounts. I never trusted anything I didn’t have my own copy of after that.

  16. I think if one can merge the concepts and tech used in NFTs with digital media, we can bring back the concept of true ownership of digital media.

  17. I like Apple and dont care who knows, but shit like this needs to be taken from them and their metaphorical and literate head smacked. NO Apple, no. Bad Apple.


    But this is the day we live in, where less is owned and more things are ‘rented’. Humans are going to do this, if its not Apple today its Valve tomorrow. Legislation needs to be written that allow consumer access to LOCAL OWNERSHIP of files they purchase that is INDEPENDENT of the account they use. *I* own my files *YOU* own my account. *I* rent the account but *I* own the *files*.

    This is like if you shopped at Microcenter all your life. All your games and your computer and movies you bought from there over years. One day something happens and you’re banned from the store and they close your account and card whatever, then they tell you you have to give everything you purchased from them back. LMAO?

  18. Why is Piracy still relevant? Because you can get fucked over so many different ways. This is just one.

    [Do what you want because a Pirate is free! YOU ARE A PIRATE!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8ju_10NkGY)

  19. shit like this is why I started downloading all my music in FLAC or mp3. Even if that means having to be a pirate every now and then.

    Bad enough google removed Ghost in the Shell from my account without any notice, if I want to watch it again on google play I need to rebuy it, ignoring the fact that ***I already fucking purchased it.***

    103 gig music folder and counting.

  20. The answer to all of this is REMOVE DRM FROM PURCHASED MOVIES AND TV SHOWS so that people can download it and use the copy freely. You used to be able to do it through a program called Requiem but the dev quit supporting it and Apple cut off the downloads through the version of iTunes that program worked with.

    I don’t really blame Apple for this, nor do I blame Amazon, Vudu or any other digital storefront that has the policies of “you don’t own jack…” I blame Hollywood who forces these companies to agree to these ridiculous licensing policies to basically rip people off and these companies are forced to defend it.

    The music industry went without DRM even though some people thought it was stupid and guess what? I now make all my music purchases there, back them up to my computer’s HDD and am happy. Why can’t they do the same with movies? The pirates are either pirating because it’s easier or because they were never going to buy anything in the first place. Policies like these hurt no one but legitimate consumers. I say just pirate Redbox copies or buy stuff from used stores, quit giving money to Hollywood unless they’re going to play fair.

    It’s just like when Sony and Lionsgate came out with Cinavia protection on Blu-rays so that you couldn’t watch copies, disregarding whether you legitimately owned the title you copied or not. Now guess who doesn’t make any money off of me or my friends whose PS3s were rooted with that crapola?

  21. This is the reason people are sailing the high seas

  22. Even if this or similar scenario doesn’t happen, purchases are commonly pulled, I have several apps I can no longer access through their services as well as they also removed access to manage the .ipa files machine side, so no way to get them on new devices through Apple.

  23. Apple really needs to start using different words to imply that you aren’t owning something indefinitely. Words like “purchasing” and “store” are engrained in our brains to mean owning and it’s just not what the App Store does. It allows you to rent the product until someone else decides to end the ability to consume it.

  24. A bit offtopic, but also partially applicable, how did it turn out with Bruce Willis wanting to have his iTunes collection in his testament? That ownership of his bought content goes to his daughter or something?

  25. Now I am kinda scared about losing my steam library..

  26. Apple can’t terminate CDs, or my ripped backups. With DRM you own nothing.

  27. Tis sort of thing is why I have my own media server. I get why people don’t want to deal with the hassle, but I want to ensure that I have the media I want

  28. **Apple countered by arguing that “no reasonable consumer would believe” that content purchased through iTunes would be available on the platform indefinitely.**

    Really?!? That’s the defense?!

  29. This is the problem with DRM. People do the right thing and “buy” all their digital content only to have it ripped away from them in a heartbeat. And then the big publishers and distributors whine and scream about piracy. If they get their shit together and give consumers reasonable policies, then this wouldn’t be a problem. Similar examples have come up in the past with other services as well.

    People throw money at things they like. Look at YouTube and Twitch and all the streaming services. People are willing to pay. But DRM is just a “guilty until never having a chance to be proven innocent” approach. I’d say a good portion of people that pirate content do it *because* of DRM, or would never buy it in the first place. So I never understood the idea behind DRM other than padding the pockets of the big corps that own it all.