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Apple Music rant

TL;DR at bottom
I’ve been lucky to live and work in many parts of the world. Mostly Japan for 6+ years. Now living in the USA for many years. Might move again someday.
While in Japan I bought music in the Apple Store online. When I update my device I see that music I bought in Japan is now locked. Called and asked why can’t I access music I bought? They said it’s because I bought it in the Japan Apple Store not in the USA store and it’s a legality issue for Apple. Well i don’t care about what Apple’s problems are. It’s my music which I bought. They say they understand and offer me 5 free songs to purchase..to somehow make up for the many many albums that are now unavailable to me. Bonus they lost music they said they would back up to cloud but didn’t because it wasn’t music I got from the Apple store, rather from cds. This kind of garbage makes piracy all the more attractive. How dare I move and expect music I bought to remain mine?

TL;DR. Music I bought while living in Japan on the Apple site is now locked and cannot be accessed because I don’t live in Japan now.

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  1. Always store your purchased music on an external drive as back up to avoid this stupid geolocking BS … when will people understand the internet is a type 1 civilisation network on a type 0 planet with a type 0 mentality ?

  2. 5 free songs tho !

    In all seriousness, it’s better to just ditch Apple.

  3. If you bought it, I assume you bought it from the iTunes Store.

    iTunes Store songs has been DRM-free since 2009. Apple never advertised the “purchased history” (also known as “iTunes-in-the-Cloud”) as backup, and neither their iCloud Music Library service. Since it’s DRM-free, it’s up to you to make backup for it.

    You don’t go to a US CD store with your Japanese purchase receipt and demand a replacement CD, do you?

  4. That’s another reason i still buy CD’s and rip them to MP3.

  5. No, you don’t own the music. You own a license to use apples software.

    This is why I have and will never spend a cent on digital media. If I buy something, it should be MINE. The whole fucking concept of purchasing a license to use something that can be revoked at any time is batshit insane to me, and I refuse to be a party to this post-capitalist nonsense. I purchase physical media from bands I like all the time. I will never purchase digital media.

    Eat the fucking rich. Dismantle capitalism.

  6. Even with all the reasons I love Japan, their insistence on region-locking is not one of them.

    Unless it’s insanely obscure, you’ll probably find it elsewhere at higher quality anyway.

  7. That’s just infuriatingly retarded. You paid for it….

    Just another reason to stay tf away from money hungry companies who happily shit on their userbase.

  8. This is why I have an android. I lost 2k in music because I switched phones and lost it all when I went from 5s to 6s plus. Never again. On my android, I have pics I took 10 years ago I didn’t even know I had

  9. This is why I never buy any music in any locked format. I only buy if I get pure FLAC / WAV files.

  10. Its not only apple music, all music service like that. Because japan has their own region lock

  11. Try to connect to a server in Japan via a VPN. Then remove DRM on it and download the songs.

  12. Welcome to your first torrent client. Deluge is pretty easy to use.

  13. Dont wanna be that guy but u know…. F. u. c. k. Apple lol


    Pretty sure this is only legal because of their horrible TOS, idk if you can do much.


    Since you’re in the US i can’t comment much further, altough i’m very unsure how legal that’d be in EU either.

    (My guess is not very legal, you paid for it in the state you lived in and paid the appropriate taxes, it’s technically yours, at least one would assume so.)

  14. Yes, Apple being a money minded corporation, anything else