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So, I’ve been downloading lego instructions every day for the past few months and usually it goes fine. The script I use has a timeout so I don’t overload the server and usually it works.

Pro tip: don’t use “replace all” when editing your scripts.

My working timeout is 150ms. Well, I did a replace all and that accidentally changed the timeout to 1ms (I was checking I/O on my drives).

It ran fine for about an hour and then I started receiving a 403 error. Apparently Lego thought I was trying to DDOS the instructions site and ip blocked me. Interestingly, shop.lego.com still worked.

I was blocked over the weekend, but on Monday I was able to download again. So now I can safely download lego instructions.

TLDR; Accidentally changed the timeout from 150ms to 1ms in my script which attempted to DDOS Lego’s servers

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24 Yorumları

  1. Are there Terabytes of instructions? Are you gonna read them?

  2. That sounds like an automated system maybe kicked in, and a pretty reasonable response by Lego there.

  3. What library do you use? What headers do you use?

  4. Would you possibly share the script? Not that I want to download all Lego pdfs, but I want to learn how it’s done. A generic version that I can work with would be fine as well. 🙂

  5. But, how many instructions were you able to get in that 1ms?

  6. What is the address and how do we download them too? i want these.

  7. May I ask why you guys are downloading lego instructions? I get why you download entire youtube channels, websites, books, music and all, but why lego instructions?

  8. I always use http://www.lego.com to test for things… responds to ICMP, something strange that nobody goes to (normally) so you can rule out anything weird being cached… good times.

  9. Honestly, that seems very reasonable of them.

  10. Long time lurker. Out of curiosity, what do you guys do with all the data you’ve downloaded?

  11. There’s going to be a really confused sysadmin somewhere wondering why someone would try and DDOS the Lego instructions website

  12. 150ms is a bad timeout, speaking as someone who designs systems that serve billions of requests a day.

    Why 150ms? Is Lego about to delete this info, or be removed from the internet?

    15 seconds makes little difference to you, it is a script that sits there until it is finished.

    Be a nice netizen.

  13. Any ideas how to access their API for shop.Lego.com ? Used to be “open” but now moved to GraphQL.

  14. **D**DOS is a distributed denial of service. Unless you had a swarm of devices doing it, it wasn’t distributed. 🙂

  15. Lmao your lucky you got caught by their syslog server or some other piece of software…