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Anyone hoarding protest footage?

Anyone hoarding protest footage?

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  1. I’ve got a spare 2TB drive I”m going to use to create a copy of all this. Any special steps I should take other than just straight d/ling these?

  2. Late to the party so hopefully folks see this, but hoarding this and *all* footage that comes out of war zones (Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc) can become very important down the road for reporters, investigators and prosecutors in war crimes tribunals to attribute attacks, confirm troop movements, verify the time/date/location of an event, etc. Even ISIS propaganda.

    Oftentimes it is taken down from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc due to its violent content and lost forever.




  3. I need to get a cheap ass seedbox to help with stuff like this.

  4. Ok I have no idea what to do, I apologize and I am old. I am in America,I have my iPhone, and my chrome book. And I’m ready to share/download/post whatever helps. I’d just like to help along with all of you.

    Now, how do I do that?

  5. Downloading through torrent then uploading to github, gitlab, internet archive and my pc, I’ll also help seed the torrent

  6. Am in Hong Kong now. Definitely will download it. By the way, there will definitely be upcoming new protests. Is there a way to keep the files updated when this progresses?

  7. Do you have only Hong Kong protests? What about Chile, Iraq, and so on?

  8. *Winnie the Pooh would like to know your location*

  9. Can anyone confirm that it’s not a drive with illegal porn?

    My biggest fear of these types of mass downloads is someone slipping in something that can get you in some pretty ugly trouble.

    Downvote away boys

    Edit: just checked it out, I’m an idiot.

  10. Downloaded it to my smartphone. ~~Currently reuploading it to my Nextcloud. Going to create a torrent as soon as I get home from workPM me if you want a Nextcloud download link (I have a symmetric 1Gbit/s line)..~~

    ~~Edit: Upload completed. PM me for a download link. (Or use the torrent by /u/MrYogiBearrrrr)~~

    Since the torrent is now well seeded, please use the torrent (https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/dsayyf/anyone_hoarding_protest_footage/f6p2brq/).

  11. Making a torrent – stay tune will post link now

  12. How do I use rclone to mount a public gdrive as a remote?

  13. Some of these titles made me think this sub reddit was gonna get perma banned for sharing illegal porn, then I read the title and realized it’s just police brutality. Not the kind of relief I expected.

  14. Has it got videos of the protestors inciting violence too?

  15. Here is the link: