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Anyone else feel in-person dating feels fake?

I recently opened up to my parents that i have an online relationship with someone who lives in another state. I love him so much and what makes it work out is that we are honest with each other.

My parents are skeptical about online relationships because they feel having an in-person relationship lets you know the person better.

However, I have always felt that dating someone in person felt really fake. I usually don’t open up to people about my interests initially because I was made fun of in grade school for them (stuff like liking Pokemon and Sonic). So typically when i form new friendships in person I dont reveal my interests until later in fear of being offputting. And even with some friendships I have, they dont know everything about me nor do i know a whole lot about them. But with online , i can formulate friendships much easier because it feels much easier to be honest.

I guess you could say I am reserved about myself in person and more open online. In-person interactions /dating feels fake to me sometimes so I hope there are others who also think this way?

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  1. I don’t think either are fake.

    More that either one can play to someone’s strong suits/comfort zone.

    Nothing wrong with either.

    Just sounds like your parents are a different generation.

    Met my now wife irl, but we didn’t have a first date for 2 months, but when we did, we already knew each other very, very well and the date went amazing because of that.

    More and more people are not just meeting people online, but marrying them from online relationships as well.

    That’s not mentioning working, paying bills, shopping online, etc.

    Just remind your parents it’s a different time and their social norms can’t be expected to be this generation’s social norms… no new generation’s norms are.

  2. Once you get comfortable enough with someone to open up in person you may feel different. There’s something about connecting on a physical level (not even considering intimacy) that surpasses online connections. It’s easy to open up to people online because they don’t know you, you can think about what to say beforehand. But a real-life connection can be out of this world.

    Or maybe not for you. Idk.

  3. What you’re feeling is a false sense of security in the idea of online anonymity, so you don’t have to react to or evaluate non-verbal cues. Lack of confidence for in-person interactions as well.

    Why don’t you seek out Pokemon groups or others that are specific to your interests? Sounds like the issue is you don’t have people you can share your interests with.