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An extraordinarily generous Redditor made my month via this sub (details in comments)

An extraordinarily generous Redditor made my month via this sub (details in comments)

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29 Yorumları

  1. This makes me wanna go give that guy a gold or platinum. What a fucking lad.

  2. This put a smile on face. I do love this community!

  3. This has got to be the greatest thing I’ve read today! You guys are awesome!

  4. How’s OMV running for you? I have to say i found it quite unstable, with crashes constantly. Also the network shares were very slow since I had my disks connected through USB. How are you connecting those 4tb to the Rpi?

  5. Have any need for an extra 1TB or 2TB WD drives? WD Blacks.

  6. That’s wholesome.. He also will get good things and gifts in life

  7. You had 2tb of failing drives, meanwhile I have a intel atom single core itx board , 1gb ddr2 ram and around 1 tb in laptop hdds that’s failing in the raw read error rate, reallocated sector or spin retry count attributes, I really should upgrade but am also broke so I just keep checking my local skip (some people call it the dump or recycling centre) and hoping I can find stuff to salvage parts from, was a fun project to build though

  8. I appreciate y’all. This is what life is about. Generosity amongst likeminded folks. Good stuff.

  9. this made me happy.. nice seeing people being generous to strangers

  10. I know a microcenter clearance sticker when I see one. The man has good taste indeed.

  11. Very nice, hope you enjoy all those goodies, I’m trying to start my home own lab but medical expenses for my father are to high right now, but we are hoping to beat cancer this year so, by 2020 I’m going full throttle, I’m going to need a lot of advice from you guys, so get ready for the post rain.

  12. This sub really is the best. You guys make my long days in the server room better 😀

  13. Just wanna say this is why I love the reddit pc/pc related community! Outside of the valuable knowledge these spaces have given me, it’s so refreshing to see members giving back to others so we can all enjoy our nerdy hobby! 😀

  14. Happy to see this Community being a Community even with irl action.


  15. I had a long shitty week and this made me so happy to read. Enjoy, and I hope you both much fun data hoarding!

  16. This is a shout-out to u/kaymer327

    I posted a [comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/coqdeu/why_sure_ill_take_this_sitting_out_in_a_pile_at/ewkllv8?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) in a thread a few days ago, regarding being a broke, home hobbyist with a bunch of failing drives (newest one was manufactured in 2010). They’ve been what I can get my hands on, and I assume others are in similar situations. u/kaymer327 reached out to me in the thread, offering to send me a care package. I accepted, as I’m never one to turn down free hardware.

    What arrived today was beyond what I ever could have predicted. Included in the box was a rPi3 (and accompanying power supply, case, kb+m, and microSD), a 4TB HGST 7200RPM HDD (manufactured in 2018, no less!), and a Unifi UAP-AC-IW.

    This will all be replacing/supplementing my current setup: OMV running on an Alienware desktop that, when shipped from factory, was running Windows ME, and weighs about 20lbs. Plex transcodes can’t keep up with streams at all, so it serves only through miniDLNA. It’s got 2TB of pre-fail/EOL drives that are finally able to retire.

    My setup wasn’t much, but thanks to the overwhelming kindness of a stranger on Reddit, I’m able to reduce my physical and power footprint by a huge amount, and double my data capacity. Today’s a good day, and I can’t thank u/Kaymer327 enough. I’ll absolutely be keeping my eye out from now on for anyone I can help in similar ways.

    Edit: thanks everyone for the gold, and it makes me so happy to see others wanting to do something like this. Sometimes Reddit comes together in really wholesome ways. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend, and keep hoarding.