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Amazon 10TB Deal – 2512 of us placed orders within 15 minutes

Amazon 10TB Deal – 2512 of us placed orders within 15 minutes

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  1. Amazon is full of shit, they said the pricing wasent an error in a mail to me:

    >Please understand that the price of the item goes up and down depending on the availability and demand of the item.

    >I would have loved to adjust the price for the package however we can not honor the price until and unless there are any issues such as damage and defective.​

  2. I got one. I definitely didn’t see any thread in the first 15 minutes, I don’t browse new regularly.

    Mine came too. I live in the US.

  3. 15 minutes is funny. The deal was up for what felt like an entire day. Plenty of time for various deals sites to take it around the world. A few exabytes were sold that day, probably…

    They still haven’t cancelled my order (but I fully expect them to).

  4. It might not all be orders from in here. I saw the price mentioned on Tom’s Hardware and PCWorld as well, although after seeing it here.

  5. The server melting into a puddle on the floor was also hint that something was slightly off.

  6. Amazon is going to honor those orders ship to China, as they have repeatedly lost the cases. If they do this time, regulator will put a 2million fine and possibly close its business in Beijing. Price error is not an excuse. As the court said, It is not sufficient for Amazon to prove that its wrong price has been unilaterally investigated. In addition, from the normal point of e-commerce promotion, this can not be measured by its cost alone.

  7. Is there more context to the conversation? I don’t quite understand it as the deal lasted over 3 hours so it’s not like it’s a error they corrected in 15 minutes but still affected a lot of people because of how quickly people ordered. Okay 3 hours isn’t that long but still, the 15 minutes point just seems of limited relevance.

    In fact, I’m not even sure if they corrected it that soon or it was their system automatically stopping the sale as they’d sold too many. IIRC the 16TB one lasted longer and know that’s also been affected. Assume the 4TB one which think also lasted a while is the same.

    Is the rep simply trying to emphasise why they need to cancel rather than eat the loss and ship anyway? Still seems better to me to just say how many orders there were rather than how many in 15 minutes.

  8. Curious, did most users track prices on Amazon through camelcamel to get notified of this deal? If not, what did you use? It seems that ifttt cannot be set up to track prices with amazon (it does have some limited features but requires use of Alexa).

  9. Had put in an order for a single 2TB external and received four once….Not often i get such a gift 😉

  10. I don’t even see the two I ordered in my order history anymore.

    I also double-checked if payment had been taken, it had not. If it had, Amazon would have had to deliver the order,at least per European regulations.

    Just got the email it’s cancelled, and I received a 20 usd credit .. bummer!

  11. Did anyone successfully price match this at Best Buy, or somewhere else?

  12. So like, 2513 customers. Why say “more than…” and then say a specific number?

  13. > more then


    What kind of people do they hire at Amazon, really?!

  14. Can I still get this somewhere?

    Edit: sorry this was supposed to be on the Wax Trax post, not this one. Mobile and drunk so…… Sorry

  15. I’m really beating my self up for not just going to best buy and getting them to price match. I tried after the price was reverted (had placed an order to show her it was that price) but she couldn’t change it. She understood why I came in to try, the 16 TB duos are almost 500 at best buy. lol

  16. That price was up for way longer than 15min… i ordered one and told my friend about it 50mins later and he still managed to order one as well (ofc none of us got it tho). Think it’s been up for at least 90 minutes if not a bit longer so they had a lot more orders in total.

  17. It was also posted to /r/plex too so that definitely helped(hindered?) with numbers

  18. That’s 2500 people ordering, let’s say 2 drives each on average (limit was 3 drives) times the $150 pricing error per drive (10TB). That’s a $0.75 million gaffe that amazon fixed by giving out $50k to its customers. Lol.

  19. Just got mine too.

    Oh well, back to looking for some in the UK. I hope to go to America this year for work and again for a holiday.

    I’m hoping it ties up for some deals.

  20. I ordered two to the UK, and today my order was cancelled. No email or anything. I spoke to the support agent and he didn’t mention a gift card balance or anything, but sure enough I’ve been credited $20. Better than nothing I supposed, but back to checking price/TBs for a while.

    But yeah, he did mention how 2500 orders were places in a 15 minute window…