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Almost every single bible, in every single language, every single version well structured in a sqlite database.

Regardless if you are religious or not (i am not), i think something like this deserves to be archived, especially considering that it is just 3.1GB. It also makes a nice dataset for other things, so it has multiple applications.

The original description is as follows:

>Project Giant Bible DB V1.0.0
Almost every single Bible in the world
In every single language
Every single version
With cross references, well structured in a SQLite database


Originally found on [4chan](https://boards.4chan.org/t/thread/1051774/project-giant-bible-db-v100)

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39 Yorumları

  1. I’m an atheist myself, but still consider the Bible one of the most important books in the World,due to the value ascribed to it by so many people.

  2. To bad its all nonsense, just a weird shroom sect.

    Eat the bread, kids

  3. Once used a database very similar to this to make an android app that would show two different languages or translations of the Bible side by side.

  4. Is the apocrypha included? Things like the Book of Enoch, Gospel of Thomas or Gospel of Judas?

    A lot of those kinds of ancient “non-cannon” books are the most interesting, IMO. Would be a shame if they were left out

  5. I wonder if Thomas Jefferson’s version of the NT in the hoard. He removed all the miracles and left the morals of Jesus the philosopher. Jefferson’s manuscript was found in his things after he died. He probably would have never published it.

  6. As an atheist I think this is just great. It’s an important historical record, but it’s good even just in the context of how language and translation has evolved over time. Great work.

  7. I’d get a copy just to find common overlaps and conflicts between the variants and their interpretations.

  8. Can’t wait to run some GPT-2 against this. New religion, anyone?

  9. Every single language? Romani? Sumerian? Ottoman Turkish? Akkadian? Bosnian from 1300s? I think not.

    Edit – should have put “jk”

  10. Why not hoard the antidote to this superstitious mind poison instead? Stock up on some Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris instead!!

  11. Sounds very cyberpunky. SELECT Jesus FROM book ORDER BY birthday DESC;

  12. Even as an athiest. I appreciate this. One of my fav books is a bible left to me by my great aunt. Pre James left side is Aramaic right side is english and hebrew. It’ interesting to see how it has mutated. As it has been a major influence on society.

  13. How would you access this data? To interface and read it?

  14. Wow this is great! I’ll download it later. But ‘every language’ is almost certainly not accurate, as it hasn’t been translated in every language.

  15. Does it include the complete Orthodox Tewahedo bible? Some of that isn’t very available.

  16. What an interesting and valuable find. Regardless of how one feels about the Bible religiously, it is an important ancient document worth “hoarding.” Great artists throughout history from Shakespeare to George Lucas and many in between have taken inspiration from it. Not to mention its significance to history and law.

  17. So did anyone find nasties in it? Just want to make sure since it was from 4chan. Thanks.

  18. FUUUUUUCK YES! I’ve been wanting this for years. Just last week I was thinking about finally getting around to looking for all these sources!!

  19. I am an ex-vangelical who was raised with it and left on my own. One of my biggest challenges in discussions with my family and religious folks in general is their (selectively) literal interpretations of the Bible. I want them to think about how language changes meaning based on context, and how there could literally be 25 *completely* different ways to interpret a verse and we’d never know the “real meaning” because none of us can read ancient Hebrew, let alone interpret ancient Hebrew that was translated into 100 different languages at different times in history when words could mean something totally different. It’s the most advanced game of written Telephone.

    Anyway sorry for the tangent, I think this will be helpful to me.

  20. awesome! not religious either but def something my stash needs! 🙂 thx again!

  21. That is totally worth the hoard will download tonight