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Advice on My Book Duo vs. Other Options

I’ve been using a variety of sources to back up data in multiple places – some online as well as (my preference) hard drives with no Internet connection such as WD My Passport to give me the best chance of not losing data. The WD tech support told me I should get WD My Book Duo as the most best possible back-up strategy to add to my system because he said it is their most reliable model physically and the dual drives will ensure that even if I lose data on one I will have it safe on the other. (In the past I have had some of their external drives go bad.)

Is the above info from the tech support guy correct or was he just trying to sell me the most expensive model? I had been planning on getting another My Passport as well as some other brands.

Here is the model he said is safest for offline storage: [https://www.westerndigital.com/products/external-drives/wd-my-book-duo-usb-3-1-hdd#WDBFBE0160JBK-NESN](https://www.westerndigital.com/products/external-drives/wd-my-book-duo-usb-3-1-hdd#WDBFBE0160JBK-NESN) Do you agree with him? What do you advise that for OFF-LINE hard drive storage that is reliable and easy? Thanks!

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  1. They increase data safety a bit but only when you run them in RAID1. WD advertises the total storage size that you only get when you run them in JBOD or RAID0. JBOD does not offer advantages over using two separate drives besides reducing the cable clutter a bit and RAID0 is also commonly known as suicide RAID as a single drive failure will destroy the entire array. Using them in RAID1 will mean that you only will get half of the capacity and WD RAID implementation does not seem to be very solid so there is a chance that you will lose your data anyway. Besides this RAID is not a backup.

    TLDR: Mostly marketing BS.

    Depending on how extensive your collection is it can make sense to run a server for this that only gets spinned up when needed. This way you get a centralized place for your data and you can also scrub it easily. When you do not mind having stuff scattered everywhere there is not much reason to change something about your current setup. It does make sense to verify the data regularly but this can be pretty tedious to set up and execute depending on your exact workflow.