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A funny exchange

A funny exchange

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33 Yorumları

  1. I want to download wikipedia…but I do not know how EVEN with the tutorial…

    I just wanted a zip file I can just download real quick and then search through with folders that never end…I can’t code!

  2. Guess that guy that indexed Wikipedia could explain everything

  3. Although I don’t hoard as much as some of you, I’m happy with everything I learned from you, guys.

  4. Round of applause. Make it a quick one though //

  5. why so much unneeded cursing? I never understand it. Just be civil.

  6. How? My only question is how? I am scared of doing it with my 4TB or so with ~100,000 files of images, videos, documents, source codes, exes, isos, archives, etc. You people here are playing with 10x the size at the very least. Where do I start learning? What do I start learning?

  7. This is cheat codes… wiki provides a full db dump…

  8. I came to this sub through that link only to find a post about the exchange that led me here lol

  9. That interaction made me check out this sub and that interaction is the first thing I saw when I get on this sub. Subception.

  10. The link in the comment led me to this sub and the first post I see is this screenshot of that comment

  11. I’m here from clicking the link to here in that exact thread

  12. Is this about the Ghislaine Maxwell 3 million page prosecution document.

  13. Funnily enough I came to this server from that thread

  14. You know these are indexed as long as tht person who indexed it is alive, if he’s dead the data is good as dead. But then again, no one will care about what you posted on orkut 20 years ago.

  15. Been browsing around this subreddit in awe for a while.

    Absolute respect for what people pull of here. I sadly don’t have any knowledge or budget do to such things.

  16. Here’s IPFS id for this screenshot QmXrnL6AWeJ7KYumDCaMeubK33MoRo1nH62g43B94T8x79

  17. Sonofabitch, I’d screenshotted, captioned and was all ready to post this and then I see you beat me to it by 2 hours.

    You fuckers are FAST! 😉

  18. I only came to this sub after reading that comment earlier today.

  19. I’m proud to say my time among you fast fuckers has taught me a lot about being a fast fucker.

  20. They’re impressed by a download of wikipedia?
    Oh, boys, this is a little cute

  21. On this occassion, I am proud to declare that I am a good boy.