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A full house.

A full house.

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48 Yorumları

  1. Gosh, fractal design sure does make some mighty fine cases

  2. I’m looking to build something very similar setup soon (probably with only 8 disks, since I happen to have a box of unopened Easystores), and I might just copy this lol.

  3. I know a Define R6 when I see one with that unmistakable PWM. Well done filling up all the bays…but hey, you missed at least two places to add 2.5″ drives to. I see empty storage plates on the back of your mobo. What did you do above the PSU shroud? Did you put drives onto extra plates there?

    Great cable management here. 🙂

  4. With that drive density you might want to consider making a shroud to force the airflow through the drives.

    Your cabling job is fantastic!

  5. gorgeous. I wish I was able to get something like this done

  6. I use the same case for my media server and damn mine looks so much worse inside.

  7. Hello, this is a wonderful job?, Is there a list in “pcpartpicker.com” ?

  8. This is glorious. I have the white define R6. Bought for the looks and rad support alone… but after messing with it decided it would make a great Plex/home server case. Going to buy another one without window to move server into. How is the noise completely filled? I had 4 drives in mine for a short time just to test the sound and I could barely hear it. Great case.

    Saving this for sure. A lot of good information here.

  9. I do like noctua but I’ve had good luck with nzxt fans too

  10. Noctua, when you want good fans but have to suffer style. ?

  11. It’s so crazy how some people can open up an engine to a car and say wow that’s beautiful which I agree no doubt but then people like us see something like this in the first thing that came to mind was “wow that’s beautiful“

  12. Sir, you just turned my floppy disk into a hard drive.

  13. I have something like this but with only 2 2tb drives and 3 1tb drives lol

  14. incredible work on the cable management for the hdds.

  15. If you stack your hard drives vertically, the electricity will be slowed by gravity as it climbs the tower, and system performance will be reduced.

  16. My build:

    * Fractal Design Define R5
    * Asrock J4105B fanless
    * 8GB RAM
    * 1 SSD 120 GB for boot drive
    * Dell PERC H200 HBA in IT mode
    * 6 SATA drives for a total 42TB
    * Ubuntu Server 18.04
    * mergerfs

    Very happy with power consumption: 50W at the wall 🙂

    My cable management is a lot worse… 🙁

    Only 1 default fan in the case + PSU fan. Drives range from 27 to 34 °C

    Pretty inaudible at 1m distance

    After a couple of months some performance considerations (for my applications):

    CPU is a bit underpowered, RAM is most unused, SSD for boot drive is overkill

  17. Is it possible, whether normally or through modifications, to be able to flip the drives so that the cables are visible from the side the gpu is on?

  18. Is that a Fractal Design case I see?

    They make some amazing cases

  19. I spot Noctua yes I do. I spot Noctua how ’bout you?

  20. I have the same case and fan setup. I have 10, 10tb drives (making 2 50tb volumes).

  21. Not as clean as yours but I also have a full house, I added more drives to mine to make it 11 3.5 drives

    Dell T30 mod

  22. Niceee. Had a pretty similar setup myself. However yours is much cleaner lol. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/Py3bt6

  23. You can fit 6 more drives in that case can’t you?

    2 more bays
    2 back of mobo
    2 front of mobo

  24. Could you please share your specs? I am looking for inspiration for setups that have 8+ drives.

    Thank you in advance!

  25. Where did you get a power cable for 10 drives? That would really help me clean up my build.

    Did you make it?

  26. I bought this case earlier this year with the intention of making a quiet home server/NAS. Only 4 of the drives are adequtely sized 10TB (another 4 are 4TB each, and another 2 are only 1TB each) so upgrading them will be the next step and hopefully done around black friday. But after hooking up my custom SATA power cable for a clean(er) looking cabling this morning I realized how pleasing it was to have a full box and thought other data hoarders might enjoy it too.

    The drives don’t seem to be going over 90 degrees, and even when running all of these I am still ony getting about 50db when measured right beside my box. I think my cable modem fan is louder than my actual NAS with 10 drives humming along.

    I have a closer up show and the decible readings in an [imgur](https://imgur.com/a/dSMDPeC#bxPPROS) album if you’re interested.

    Now I guess it is time to start planning for a rackmounted setup?

    Edit: As requested you can see images of the inside [on this album](https://imgur.com/a/rsTPqSi). The first is just the inside and you can only really see the Noctua cooler and graphics card. But I took another slightly angled one so you can see the SATA/SAS controller and quad m.2 card as well.

    Edit2: Thanks for the silver stranger!