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A backup everyone must have (the storage media may be different)

A backup everyone must have (the storage media may be different)

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  1. amen. have an external HP LTO-5 with 100+ tapes 🙂

  2. I understand the sentiment, but do you think Wikipedia really needs it? It’s quite popular and mirrored, so I would guess that there’s more than a few copies out there. Would the real concern be those scientific journals that aren’t as popular that are being taken down. I think there was a thread about one about 6-8 months ago. I would just ask the hive mind if the less popular educational materials would be the niche the data hoarder community could fill?

  3. Full Russian? Я вижу, вы тоже человек культуры

  4. If I am right, the full archive of Wikipedia is only about 80 GB right? Having a data tape for that looks like quite overkill

  5. How do you get a nice copy of Wikipedia? I know you can get the data dump but I tried that and its a weird format and I have to get the media attachments separately and I’m too dumb to figure it out if someone could please educate my smooth brain

  6. I have the whole Wikipedia, WikiBooks, WikiSource, Wiktionary and the Gutenberg Project.

  7. I like hording but the problem with that stuff is it continually changes. I prefer things that don’t.

  8. What storage medium is that?

  9. How much space does it take up? I’ve wanted to keep a backup of some stuff like that for awhile but I’ve never gotten a chance to figure out how long it would take.

  10. This is also pretty popular in Internet-less countries like Cuba, now is more accessible but will not be affordable so this thing has been a life saver since Encarta was doomed.

  11. I don’t know if this is a joke or not, but one of the cool things about Encarta back in the day was that it was a self contained archive of *actual* important data, instead of endless articles on pop culture.

    If someone could put together a dvd or blu ray iso of wikipedia that pertains to typical school age children research data, I’m sure it would be a godsend to all the kids walking to library to use the wifi on their laptops.

  12. Reminds me of that Wiki device that you can still can get updates for from a guy on ebay.

  13. Yup. I keep that version on a flash drive on my keyring, updated every six months, with a build of Kiwix for every platform.

  14. I know its logged but I’m curious how different the entries will look in 50-100 years compared to what’s in that.

  15. Thats actually a full download of wikipedia? If so how large is it and where can I download it!

  16. I’m looking at the page for all of the downloads and I am confused. Which link is for the most current, most complete version of Wikipedia?

  17. I still have a Wikireader. There are Amazon listings for an up to date sdcard of Wikipedia, but they are like $30. Anyone know a more free way to update it (minus a new card)?

  18. Heck yea! Download the 90gb Kiwix torrent archive folks, I want to seed to you! 🙂

  19. Don’t remind me of LTO. I am still salty that until recently the advertised LTO-9 with 24TB capacity. And now 3 months before launch they cut it to 18TB.

    And don’t get me started on that 2.5:1 compressed capacity bullsh*t or that you couldn’t even buy tapes for months.

  20. I feel like wikipedia should have several copies across the world offline in case something terrible happens.

  21. Good way to disguise your ~~porn~~ ~~pirated shit~~ LINUX ISOS

  22. How would you even go about backing that up? Would you have to have something that would crawl each page and save each one while keeping the structure intact? What would the size of the complete backup be?

  23. I have yet to archive wikipedia, mostly because they have a stupid format for updating the copy.

    I want to though.

  24. What was the process behind your conscious decision to use Kiwix instead of XOWA? Did you care more about the full-index search?

  25. I used to have an iPhone app that would make a offline copy, I had it in case of time travel emergencies. The app doesn’t seem to exist anymore. So I just have to give temporal vortex’s a wide berth.

  26. We know what really in there.
    4K full lenght, Discovery Channel.