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70TB of Parler users’ messages, videos, and posts leaked by security researchers

70TB of Parler users’ messages, videos, and posts leaked by security researchers

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28 Yorumları

  1. What happened to the post about torrents with this stuff? Was it taken down?

  2. Is there a torrent of it all…asking for a friend

  3. I’m all for data hoarding and guerrilla archival, but, and excuse my language: Fuck. No.

  4. Seeing as I have the space, I’d totally download it and make it available as a searchable DB. If I could get ahold of it now. 🙁

  5. And that’s why you use e2e encryption boys (not WhatsApp).

  6. Is this dataset already accessible somewhere? Will be very interesting for Data Science.

  7. I’m not a real data hoarder but goddammit I wanna start right now. I have gigabit fiber and my server tower has 10×3.5″ bays begging to be filled with my hard drive(s).

  8. It looks all of this is getting uploaded to the Internet Archive at some point. From an academic researcher perspective, this is a frikkin’ gold mine. Sure, there’s a ton of incriminating information for law enforcement to comb through now and all of those videos and photos have metadata in them. But at some point, historians are going to want to go back in time to look at this, and the events are going to be painstakingly preserved in Parler metadata and digital artifacts for the rest of internet archival time.

  9. I wouldn’t download it, yet I’m so jealous that I’m shy 4TB.

  10. Well, at least everyone will have a copy instead of just the intelligence agencies.

  11. Can we search it? I want to see what my uncle was posting on there

  12. This might be the wrong sub for this question, but if information is handed over to authorities, can they use that to prosecute someone if the information was obtained illegally? Like with out a warrant? It so, what’s stopping the government from hiring people to hack anything to circumvent the 4th amendment?

    I hate to see internet vigilantism impede the prosecution of these people.

  13. I’m a bit out of the loop, but what happened to the [donk.sh](https://donk.sh) link?

    As I understand it that was a list of URLs to archive, but I haven’t found any mention of a finished archive .

  14. This confuses me, the posts are on a public website. How do you leak something that’s already public?

  15. “security researchers” is the new phrase for white hat hackers.

  16. Is there a text-only dataset?

    I made a [post](https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/ktj9go/does_anyone_have_active_archives_andor_data_dumps/) a few days ago that got zero traction and would like to followup on that.

    Shame I missed the call for this one. I have a dozen servers and a gigabit line that could be put to good use.

  17. 70TB?! I was excited when I heard about this but my mere 12TB’s can’t handle that! Not to mention my 1TB monthly data cap 🙁

  18. I’m still able to access a lot of the Parler hosted videos. Are they still being archived, or have those already been saved?

    Also, I can’t find any torrents to the already archived data. I thought archive.org automagically creates a torrent link…?

  19. Parler has an affirmative duty to preserve all of this content. Any reasonable person would assume that they are going to be sued by individuals *and* the DOJ soon if that hasn’t happened already and that triggers the need, in the FRCP, to not destroy any of the relevant data (which, in this case, is likely *all* of it given the interconnected nature of social networks and the importance of context)

    If John Matze, CEO of parler, starts destroying content to try and salvage his sinking ship, he’s in for some trouble legally.

    Leaks like this are important and helpful, but they are usually inadmissible since the chain of custody is broken. They do tell investigators that some piece of content *should* exist though, and since parler is legally compelled to not destroy stuff, that content can be requested directly (which does preserve the chain of custody). IANAL, but I sell software and services for collection and evidence processing to them so definitely *not* a legal expert, but attorney adjacent.

  20. Things posted to the internet never die.
    Will ask my grandchild will come back to search for this comment in 50yrs.

  21. >has been hit by a massive data scrape.

    What a horseshit, pointless article. So I can scrape BBC news, dump it on a torrent and we can claim I’m leaking dozens of BBC articles?

  22. No sources in the article for these “security researchers”? And how is this publically accessable information a leak?

  23. “Things I don’t want on my hard drive for $2000, Alex.”