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5D Optical Disc Could Store 500TB for Billions of Years – long term storage may finally be solved

5D Optical Disc Could Store 500TB for Billions of Years – long term storage may finally be solved

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48 Yorumları

  1. Funny that some are complaining about write speeds.
    You have to put it in the right context. Writing something at 250kb/s that will last billion of years, compared to HDD write speed of 140Mb/s that lasts 10 years.

  2. Guys we’re so close of getting Stargate style crystals !

  3. Sure you can store it. But will you have the equipment necessary to read it?

  4. And that’s it for today’s episode of “long term storage finally solved” – stay tuned next week for something completely different!

  5. My god. That’s like a hundreth of a percent of the pornography on the internet. Miracle of science.

  6. The inhabitants of the post milky way/Andromeda merger, will be grateful

  7. only takes 68 years at current write speeds to fill the disc

  8. Finally a medium to store my home movies for the aliens.

  9. I remember hearing Big claims about cd-r and lots of those just failed all by themselves. Same with long term tape storage….

  10. that’s what they said when the Millenial M-disc was released … I’ll beleive it when I’ll see it .

  11. Yeah, I doubt that.

    First of all, “5D” … what. Secondly, wtf is extremetech? Thirdly, billions of years? Yeah, okay retard.

  12. This is badass but yeah, this isn’t marketable as you can only sell it once. It sucks but this is another example of capitalism killing technological innovation

  13. How about one that just holds 50 TB for 100 years. A pair of those if affordable would be more than enough for 90% of home users.

  14. Write speed is only few kilobits per second. So, it will take some time before it will be of any use in real world scenario. But the start looks pretty good so far.

  15. >Buy one

    >A few month later: oh no I don’t have space anymore

    t. r/DataHoarder

  16. So 1TB written every 3 hours, for a permanent record? I could cope with that.

    However, like every other discovery of this ilk I expect we will never see anything go to production.

  17. Still won’t be enough for the porn collection for many in this sub.

  18. finally i can ensure my entire porn collection can last for future of humanity…

  19. when they tell you this archival storage will last for billions of years…

    on 10cm glass disk, 1mm thick. Remember what a fingerprint on the surface of a CD was capable of?

    Hell, I can’t read any of the blu-ray discs I burned when the technology was fairly new… not a single byte of information survived… and they were meant to last 30 years+

  20. It is literally not possible to verify this.

  21. I don’t want to hear about this unless I can buy it (commercialized).

  22. Wasnt this alreayd a knews like a decade ago and never got anywhere so far? I would love a storage you can just forget about but–

  23. I am very skeptical about this simply because it is called 5D. Just name it something believable.

  24. 500TB? How about a commercially viable 1TB writable optical disk. I’d be SUPER stoked to have a 1TB M-Disk right about now.

  25. It’s never the medium, it’s all the devices needed to access it.

  26. I remember when CD-Rs were coming out (or at least becoming affordable), and it was said that the media should be good for about 100 years.

  27. So tired of bullshit stories like this. I swear I’ve seen it twice a year every year for the past 15 years

  28. I don’t know why this is surfacing in the news multiple times again now. This was a story over five years ago:https://www.livescience.com/53783-superman-memory-crystal-data-storage.html

    And has been in development for over 25 years.

    I don’t see this being practical for at least another 50 years.

    The problem is even if businesses or universities start writing with this method, if it isn’t supported widely, it will die and then you’ll have a bunch of crystals with no way to read them.

  29. Haha 20 years ago I read the same thing but it was 3D only then. Put 4K in and lost it all. But now there’s two more Ds. Must be real deal this time

  30. Ah yes, “could”.

    Where have I heard that before?

  31. Billions of years? Nah. Too short.

    Temps upto a 1000c? Nah. Range too low.

    I want it to survive the heat death of the universe and beyond. That’s a trillion trillion years I think. Then I need it to Survive 0 kelvin to temps up to the level of the Big Bang, so that my drive with my porn collection survives and makes it into another universe.

  32. >That works out to a data rate of about 230 kilobytes per second.

    Yea, that’s gon’ be a no from me, dawg.

  33. > We might not have anything interesting enough that needs to be saved for a few billion years, but maybe we will someday.

    Absolutely we do! I would immediately write down all science related equations, backup wikipedia, encyclopedias, dictionaries.. and the fact that we are putting anything down at all just shows that we humans were here. Alive. At one point in the universes timeline.

    500tb can fit a hell of a lot of important information

  34. I remember when research companies in Austin were promising terabytes of storage on holographic media way back in the early 90s.

    What usually happens with this kind of announcement is that a research lab finds a way to do something plausible on a small scale, they extrapolate their initial findings onto a larger scale, and release a very exciting, clickbaity statement hoping to secure more funds (possibly to develop it into something actually usable).

    Almost nothing comes about from it, product-wise.

  35. At the currently supported write speed, it would take over 68.9 years to completely fill the drive. Not sure why they say 2 months if it is 500 terabytes written at 230 kilobytes per second.

  36. > Store 500TB for Billions of Years

    We can never verify that in our lifetimes…