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55.5GB of Lego Instructions, time to find the rest!

55.5GB of Lego Instructions, time to find the rest!

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  1. Any update on this topic? I’m also stuck at 55,xGB and the torrent (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:310701595d5e1c31407e5e0742156755c9edb007) isn’t even loading it’s metadata…

  2. Want to know how to make a fortune?

    Make a web site that does three things:

    1) Directly upload photos of all your bricks etc in a flattened pile, and the site’s back end does image recognition to catalog all your LEGO parts for you.

    2) Gives you recipes, in the form of LEGO-style (“IKEA style”) instructions, showing you what kits you can currently build with your inventory, including ‘similar’ kits (for example a kit that requires blue, but you happen to have a lot of dark grey instead)

    3) Allows users to upload their own designs to the lust if kits and instructions, searchable based on your current parts inventory; and these designs can be ranked/rated and categorized by the users.

    The technology exists for all of those things. One only needs to have the will and ability/financing to make it happen. Support it with reasonable ads, and you’ve got a stew going! Or just sell a phone/tablet app that does all the work for something like $4.99.

  3. Of lego instructions???? Holy shit bro. Share please.

  4. It would be cool to have a 3D print file to go along with a matching PDF. Maybe something I will work on.

  5. that’s a funny way of spelling “hentai doujins”

  6. Are these the PDFs from LEGO? Cuz i have issues w/ those…


  7. I commented on your original post where you were asking for help figuring out how to scrape the site, what ended up working for you? It would be nice for you to share so it might help someone else in the future.

  8. I can tell youre living in the UK by your screenshot

  9. How I know I’ve crossed the line into data hoarder territory:

    I have zero need for this, and I know absolutely that I’ll never look at it again after downloading it…

    …but I want it SO much anyway!

  10. I didnt realize what sub this was posted on at first so my first reaction was that this was someones alternate name for their “homework” folder

  11. You can upload here if you dont mind.


  12. I need this in my life.
    I bet I could host them on a comic book hosting server in a docker container for the kids to pull up on their tablets.

  13. Do you ever use DHT search engines? You’d probably have some luck there.

  14. Please create a torrent. I will seed it for life on my NAS.

  15. Yeah right, lego instructions
    Mine’s called cold war-russian documentary

  16. No one is going to hack your PC by knowing the location you stored this data

  17. Has anyone seen something like this for MOC instructions? Not talking about just the stuff available on peeron or lego, asking for a friend…

  18. Wait is this a thing? Can I get instructions for all the old LEGO knights kits I have from the early 80s?

  19. I don’t know why but now i want to download them too ?

  20. Now show us the size of your `illegal-lego-instructions` folder 😛

  21. I love this. you’re a nerd just like me.

  22. FYI you can use Shift+Winkey+S for screenshot on windows

  23. if you want to have a free almost-lifetiem backup, then make a torrent and i will seed it

  24. Hopefully you’ve got the bricks themselves safely stored on a separate hard drive! 🙂

  25. Huge thanks to /u/downloadtheworld for their powershell script!

    Now comes the stressful part of sorting and downloading the missing ones from peeron 😀