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4TB marked down to $21 at Walmart.

4TB marked down to $21 at Walmart.

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29 Yorumları

  1. With any number over zero is overpriced, ’cause it’s Seagate. Save money for data recovery!

  2. Jesus fuck! Get all of them and fucking book it, that shits a steal!

  3. Walk in and say ” Hello Sir/Ma’am I am here to purchase all of them. Can I get them by the Pallet? “

  4. $95 here in Australia. My tears at Australia tax are eternal.

  5. Got a similar deal on 2 8TB WD drives. $54 apiece on clearance.

  6. Nice I bought one for around $80 at the Amazon store. Good find

  7. Beware: not only are these SMR but **they** have a faulty UAS chipset for USB3. I found out only after hard use on a Linux based system though it does not matter what OS (this includes windows). There is a work around, but not a great one.

    DETAILS: [https://www.google.com/search?q=seagate+uas+faulty+chipset&oq=seagate+uas+faulty+chipset](https://www.google.com/search?q=seagate+uas+faulty+chipset&oq=seagate+uas+faulty+chipset)

    Still a great deal for shucking.

    [Users like you provide all of the content and decide, through voting, what’s good and what’s junk.]

  8. I have a pile of these for backups. Silent and slow, but reliable.

  9. I snagged one as well. Don’t care if it’s SMR for the price.

  10. Got impatient, hooked it to the Mac at work. Looks good so far, but I’ll hit it with Crystal Disk when I get home. https://i.imgur.com/yq11EBc.jpg

  11. Did you have a chance to test the drive yet? My friend got an 8TB marked down to 79 that we couldn’t get working in any computer. I told him someone probably bought the thing, shucked the drive, put something crappy in there and returned it. Told him to return it to Walmart right away for a refund because we weren’t about to open the drive to find someone changed out the drive because then he’d look suspicious too.

  12. Woah 4TB for $21 is something that is too good to refuse.

  13. It’s a good price per TB but the issue is that most people are limited by their case to how many drives that they can physically install and how much heat they can dissipate so it doesn’t scale well. If you don’t need more capacity than that number of drives x 4TB then this is a great deal.

  14. Crap… Where are you located? The Walmart here has that same drive, for like $92

  15. Wait, what? Oh man, I use 4TB drives for cold storage. Totally out of stock in a 150 mile radius from me. Damn.

  16. Jesus I swear I spent 200 bucks on this a couple years ago

  17. We had this happen in Canada last summer to the same drives (though the box was green? Not sure what that means).

    It was a great summer as more stores marked them down periodically til stock was wiped out.

  18. 5.25 dollars/TB

    that makes me ALMOST accept smr garbage for that price 😉

    insane price either way. happy for u 🙂

  19. Did anyone else read the box as “Expansion?” Where the circular arrow formed the majority of the question mark?

  20. Nothing on brick seek under $100 for my zip that I can find 🙁

  21. I bought an 8tb one of these from Walmart. Was sealed and looked brand new, but when I got home it was unresponsive. Shucked it and found a dead 250gb drive inside. I hate people sometimes. Thankfully they do returns without questions.

  22. So other than these being SMR drives, why would these be getting discounted so heavily? Like are they damaged or something?

  23. For 21$…… I would buy every single one of them. SMR or not….

    Even if they are SMR, I could always use them just to store snapshots or backups…… Just fire up unraid for em, or something.