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2500 Dos Games

2500 Dos Games

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  1. To help everyone who has asked how to download the files, I tried a few of the other suggestions, this is how I found it to work:

    * Option 1: Install internet archive command line python tool ([link](https://archive.org/services/docs/api/internetarchive/)).
    * You need to install as explained at the link, make sure you have an internet archive account, then run “ia configure” to log into the CLI tool. Use of the CLI is explained [here](https://archive.org/services/docs/api/internetarchive/cli.html).
    * The command `ia download –search ‘softwarelibrary_msdos_games` will begin downloading the archive (**slowly one at a time**) into the directory you are in when you type the command. This downloads everything from the archive, not just the zip files.
    * The command `ia download –search ‘softwarelibrary_msdos_games’ –glob=”*.zip”` will download the zip files only for each item in the collection.
    * **Recommended Option 2: Download jdownloader2 (**[**link**](https://jdownloader.org/jdownloader2)**)** .
    * Once installed, use the ‘link grabber’ section, put in the link to the collection ([https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games](https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games)), and then use the file name filter to limit the app to downloading zip files if that is what you want.
    * Make sure to check the settings menu to update the concurrent downloads and chunks per file so that you can download multiple files at once.

    As I wasn’t able to figure out how to download concurrently using the command line, I recommend option 2. Option 1 was downloading at about 40 Mbps, and when I switched to jdownloader and had it set at 20 concurrent downloads and 2 chunks per file, I maxed out my gigabit connection.

    Let me know you run into any problems!

  2. If I ever become stupid rich first thing i do is donate to the internet archive, like the amount of times the way back machine or just general stuff they have has helped me out is amazing.

  3. Great time to promote that their is a way to download entire collections on Internet Archive using a web browser add on. Let me see if i can find it. All i remember is you will get a bunch of text strings/URLS you put into the torrent application.

    Found it: https://github.com/jjjake/internetarchive

    Looks like they updated. Could just download the collection directly.


    Here is the one you can import a list from a download manager / torrent application. It is a Chrome Extension


  4. The other day I was ecstatic when I found an archive of some of the 3d flash games that were removed from Jetix since I’d been doing a google search for JetiXtreme racing once every few months for the past 10 or 12 years and had found nothing. I’m glad that there’s still people archiving obscure games 15 to 30 years later.

  5. I think I’ll just finish downloading eXoDOS and call it good.

  6. Its a good idea to archive old dos software before it vanishes for ever.

  7. FYI, for hoarders: exodos or total dos collection 😉

  8. I’m sure it’s because I haven’t used [archive.org](https://archive.org) before, but how do I download these? All I’m seeing is ‘Stream Only’

  9. Cloud kingdoms… In cga. Will bring back so many memories.

  10. Does this bear any relationship with the ExoDOS v4 collection released a few months back ? If not, it seems a bit redundant as ExoDOS is huuuuuuuuge and has just about everything I can think of.

  11. is there a way to download say Oregon trail to my pc rather than play through the website

  12. I was sad to see Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse missing, but delighted to see Sim City and Golden Axe. Thanks, Internet Archive!

  13. OMG! Bruce Lee. I remember playing that bad boy non-stop on my commodore 64. =] Good times.

  14. Anybody knows total size and a way to download them in one shot?

  15. I love archive.org, but, I find the collections really confusing with so many duplications between them :/

    Oh well, more data… can’t complain! Time to relive my childhood!

  16. I need Cosmos, or Space Cosmos or something like that. What’s was it called?