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200TB bare metal budget. Running stablebit drivepool.

200TB bare metal budget. Running stablebit drivepool.

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  1. OP, looks like you could benefit from my [DIY compact 16-drive DAS tower](https://redd.it/89jqfu). Saves a ton of space and energy, keeps the drives properly cooled, and gives data transfers only limited by the drive speed.

    View post on imgur.com

  2. The last time I saw a setup like this was in a service users house, and each drive was distinctly labeled – Porn 1, Porn 2, Porn 3…. and so on.

    Granted, your cabling/floor/walls look a lot cleaner than theirs did!

  3. This is like a body positivism picture for shitty hoarder like me.

  4. As impressive as this is that it actually works, I kinda wanna throw up.

    So… If a drive dies, how do you find it?

  5. The throughput on that must be awful.

    Points for ingenuity I guess?

    (Seriously dude save up for a nice case to store all that in)

  6. What do you use it for? The cascading USB hub must be hell on access speed/latency

  7. I was going to say very nice….

    But that’s nightmare fuel. Right before I head off to bed.

    But awesome amount of storage!

  8. Finally, someone who posts an honest photo of their setup. You are giving me the confidence to show off my home lab.

  9. I’d be terrified of a drive falling of the table and of drive temps skyrocketing inside the external enclosures.

  10. I honestly can’t imagine how you can justify spending that much on drives yet running them in enclosures like that. You’re one solid desk hip-check away from 0TB stable and the most expensive domino show in history. That being said, I’m impressed you managed to get that stable, so props there.

  11. There’s enough flame in this thread, I just want to offer constructive criticism. I got a 15 bay rosewill chassis off Ebay for $100 shipped. I repurposed an old gaming rig and a 700w power supply I had lying around. You have enough storage there you likely have old components floating about. Could get this running for less than the cost of a 8TB external on sale. Way less cables, easier to work on if there is an issue. I’ve had the rats nest before. Only thing worse than the look is trying to fix something when you can’t trace the wires. I wish I had that many drives, I’m working from the opposite end.

  12. I’m sure you’ve been told already but… you would probably be saving much more space, electricity, and wife acceptance factor if you shucked what you could and just put them inside a case/server box.

  13. Is money really such an issue that you can’t get a 1/2/3/4U case to stuff all those drives in?

  14. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing… The cables everywhere or the fact you haven’t taken the plastic film off some of the drives ?