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200,000+ DataHoarders Deserve A Gift! | Exclusive Apple Media Release Thread


You’re now 200,000+ strong so here’s a little something to show my appreciation for you all, I’d been sat on this putting it all together for a more complete release but what better time than now to start getting it out.

**Exclusive Apple Archive Content**

First let’s get the boring bit out of the way, you all wanted the AppleArchive torrent, so here’s that with original files not the rips and much more.

* [Torrent](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Apple_Media_Archive_2019.torrent)
* [Open Directory](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/)
* Size: 348GB | [Filelist](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/Apple%20Media%20Archive%202019/filelist.txt)

^(No he didn’t give them to me, but I got them for you.)


And now the exclusive stuff, finally getting around to releasing the /u/wunkolo [drive](https://old.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/dlbx5s/bought_some_hard_drives_from_a_guy_on_craigslist/) content.

This is pre-original files, this is the asset stack and project files from the drives of the media company that produced the damn ads, circa 2012.

EDIT: So, more of an explaination. These files were found on drives bought from Craigslist. It turned out those drives belonged to a video editor/producer that worked for a media production company that was hired to work on ads for apple, pepsi, Intel and a few other customers.

These files are the assets and some renders of various apple ads from 2012, everything you need to edit and make your own renders of those ads if you so wished. As I release more of these files I’ll be including the Adobe premiere and flame archives alongside them.

You should also read the original thread I linked above about the discovery of the drives for more context. I’m not sure what more explaination they need, I thought linking to the disco thread covered it :shrug:

* [12033_Melody_INTL_Caen](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12033_Melody_INTL_Caen.torrent)
* Size: 159G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12033_Melody_INTL_Caen_list.txt)
* [12027_US_BumbleBee](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12027_US_BumbleBee.torrent)
* Size: 102G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12027_US_BumbleBee_list.txt)
* [12028_StrawberryFields](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12028_StrawberryFields.torrent)
* Size: 74G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12028_StrawberryFields_list.txt)
* [12035_IRL](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12035_IRL.torrent)
* Size: 26G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12035_IRL_list.txt)
* [From_DTrain_120112](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/From_DTrain_120112.torrent)
* Size: 16G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/From_DTrain_120112_list.txt)
* [12038_DoubleDown](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12038_DoubleDown.torrent)
* Size: 12G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12038_DoubleDown_list.txt)
* [12037_RedRobin](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12037_RedRobin.torrent)
* Size: 1.7G | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12037_RedRobin_list.txt)
* [12032_Darwin_US_Lion_OS](https://the-eye.eu/public/AppleArchive/torrents/Exclusive/12032_Darwin_US_Lion_OS.torrent)
* Size: 11M | [Filelist](https://applearchive.the-eye.eu/downloads/12032_Darwin_US_Lion_OS_list.txt)

I plan to do a lot more with this content but my project list is long, so have at it, long term seeders welcome!


Plenty more where this came from, coming soon.

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24 Yorumları

  1. About 2-3 years ago, I sent a huge dump of apple files I have hoarded since 1999 to someone on Reddit. Going through the files now, I’m stoked that a few of my files made their way into this video. I’m sure many of mine were duplicates of other s but it’s still cool to see them here.

  2. Does this have literally everything that was on the applearchive site?

    I’m still looking for the unreleased is/isn’t advert and struggling a bit to find it.

  3. Any gems?

    I found this:


    * Create “iPod economy” and benefit the related accessories”

    in a crappy jpeg: /Hardware/2006 iPod shuffle/7b8fe2d390e40a43ac067841561a070d.jpg

  4. hi I am u/* and I am a hoarder.

    I’ve been super happy since I found others like me.

  5. This makes me wonder; is there an index of these archives somewhere? I’m okay if it doesn’t provide a way to get to the content, I’m just interested what authoritative archives exist out there.

  6. i have no idea what i am downloading, what is this?

  7. when i get my server up and running i will download and s eed all that.

  8. You sir, are the legend and hero of us 199.999 datahoarders. Thank you for all your work /u/-Archivist

  9. A satisfying conclusion to this enteraining and hilariously petty saga

  10. Can’t believe there are 200,000 of us now…

    Nice work mate!