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14TB Easystores – now with 13.75TBs less storage!

I’m sure I’m not the first person this has happened to, but I’m frustrated so I had to vent…

I finally got the two 14TB Easystores I ordered from Best Buy when they were on sale for $199.99 last month. I wasn’t planning to shuck them this time, I was going attach them to my NAS as external drives to keep a local backup of my data.

When I got the boxes, everything looked good – the tape looked untouched, the enclosures had their plastic wraps on, and the cords were in their sealed plastic bags. I unboxed them, plugged them in, and DSM recognized them as 250GB hard drives. This being my first time using an external drive with my NAS, I thought that maybe I needed to format the drive in order for DSM to recognize the full capacity, so I did that – nothing, still 250GB.

Then I thought, OK, maybe there is an issue with using an external HDD on the NAS. That’s not great, but I’ll check it out on my laptop. Did that, still showed up as 250GB there. Formatted again and had the same result. I then went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out why my laptop and my NAS could not see the full capacity of the drives.

Finally I started to suspect that my “14TB” drives weren’t actually 14TB drives. To make sure I wasn’t a complete idiot, I decided to shuck one of the drives and see what’s inside. Sure enough, there was a 250GB Dell drive manufactured in 2010, along with a fishing weight. I may be missing 13.75TBs worth of storage space, but at least I’ve got a head start if I ever decide to pick up fishing!

Now of course I will be returning these drives, but I’m more than a little annoyed that I spent a couple of hours trying to troubleshoot this on a day off. Honestly though, I’m also pretty impressed at how cleanly the person who replaced the drives did it. And the fact that I got two of them in one shipment probably means that this is pretty widespread (or I just won the fake drive lottery).

TL;DR – People are assholes. Someone shucked some 14TB drives, replaced them with 250GB drives and returned them so that someone like me could be lucky enough to get stuck with them

UPDATE: I took the drives back to Best Buy and told them that neither one was recognized correctly by my computer and was able to exchange them without any issue. They didn’t have any 14TB drives in stock, so they’re shipping two new ones to my house. After the return was complete and the receipt was printed, I mentioned that the drives both showed up as 250GB rather than 14TB. The guy at the return desk didn’t seem too interested (probably because he had a line of people to deal with), but maybe they’ll look into it ??‍♂️

UPDATE 2: Just received the replacement drives and both showed up correctly as 14TB drives this time – woohoo!


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45 Yorumları

  1. Jesus fuck I’m angry

    But there’s some sort of silver lining too: at least whoever did this only manipulated the weight to make it feel right and didn’t tinker with the capacity.

    With a flashed firmware you would’ve had to perform a nice write/read test over the while drive to make sure that yes, these are 14TB drives (or in your case, 250GB drives and 13.75TB of gobbled up data)

  2. Just a FYI: Fishing lures like these were used as a counter weight to ensure that the weights were matched when returned. Some places that does shipping will make sure that teh weight of these drives match the systems.

  3. I had a roommate who did this with his banned Xbox 360 back in college. Got banned, bought a new one, shucked it, returned the banned one. I felt bad for whatever little kid got that 360 for Christmas

  4. But how is this item sold as new a 2nd time? Isn’t that the issue here? I mean it’s up to Best Buy if they want to protect themselves from people “returning” a drive and getting a refund while keeping the real drive. The issue is why is Best Buy selling this item as new after it has been returned? They actually sold me a camera that had clearly been opened and used as new a few months ago. Let’s just say I wasn’t too happy.

  5. Oh shit. I got a bunch of easy store that bought but haven’t even opened. They are definitely past the return date. I better check them but lesson here is open and test ASAP even if you won’t get to it for a while.

  6. For fun id run test disk on it and see if it picked up any deleted data.

    But then again I’d probably be too lazy and just want my new drive.

  7. Best solution is to not shop at best buy.

    Don’t even get me started.

  8. Holy shit, that’s an RE3 though.


    The year is 2027. You open your seemingly defective 54TB MyBook USB 3.9 Gen IV Super Speed 3 and instead of a 54TB drive, you find what was once a prestigious and coveted 10TB HGST Ultrastar DC PMR drive, with a 2018 production code.

  9. I was happy when I saw “14TB Easystores” in the title, and got excited to take advantage of another sale. I am now sad that OP was bamboozled by return fraud, and that I bamboozled myself by selectively reading.

  10. i had a DOA BB 8TB a couple months ago i took it in and they were very clear they could only exchange and not refund i think this issue is a big part of that

  11. All you need is one of these…

    A shrink wrap machine and a little care is all you need. Almost no return clerk will tear into the shrink wrap of a (supposedly) new and unopened return.

  12. I’m sorry this happened to you, but this is a very unusual fringe case. The vast majority of 10+ TB easystores sold have been perfectly fine.

  13. I’m interested to know what the retailers do when they receive these drives back and see that fraudulent drive inside – do they just throw it away/recycle it? Or do they pass it on to law enforcement? Or just keep it? tl;dr what do stores do when they find out the drives are counterfeit?

  14. I bought a video card from Best Buy that I had shipped to my house a while ago and similar thing happened. The box was actually sealed, although it looked like a loose fitting plastic wrap. Inside were a bunch of batteries taped inside the box to give it weight. Best Buy wouldn’t do anything so I filed a mail fraud report and put a dispute in with my credit card. Thankfully the credit card company sided with me and refunded me my money.

    Actually I’ve had a few incident similar over the years. I have a video camera mounted over my work desk to record when I do repairs, for reference. I’ve started just opening all my packages under that camera and recording in case there’s something fishy like that. Sucks that you can’t trust anyone, or even that the stores can’t trust their employees.

    Edit: Forgot to add that since it was shipped FROM Best Buy warehouse to my home, this means someone likely at their warehouse did it. Not some customer returning a video card.

  15. I bought 2 HP i7 desktops on clearance at Wal-Mart to flip. The boxes appeared to be sealed from HP. My buyers said everything looked new when they unboxed them. Cases were riveted shut. I shipped them back to myself to file a warranty claim. HP said the CPU’s were missing. I had to take it up to VP level to get my money back. I don’t bother flipping computers any more because of these scammers. How they are able to open the cases and rivet them shut and repack it leaving no visible evidence is a mystery to me.

  16. What are BB’s rules for selling returns? Don’t they tell you if it’s not fresh and sealed?

  17. Just a FYI so you don’t need to go through all that trouble in the future – on Windows, there’s a free program called CrystalDiskInfo. This will report the model of the drive inside the enclosure.

    (they also make a program called CrystalDiskMark if you wanted to benchmark your drive’s read & write speeds)

  18. This problem would be totally solved if the hard drive manufacturers didn’t manipulate their prices. If the internal drive was actually the same price as the external then nobody would bother doing this.

  19. Good luck. I wrote about a similar incident a few weeks ago with Best Buy 12TB WDs. One had a 1TB hard drive. I had coincidentally removed a 1TB from my array and was really confused and thought I had that old 1TB in my hand and misplaced the 12TB.

    Anyway, Best Buy took it back no problems. They let me plug in the replacement into my laptop in the store so I could quickly see it at least reported the right size. I took some reddit advice and just said it was defective until after the exchange was done. Then I mentioned my suspicion that a previous customer defrauded them. The BB clerk seemed to understand, but also seemed surprised.

    Anyway, good luck.

    Check before shucking! Bought WD 12TB Easystore , got 1 TB Toshiba [NJ, USA] from DataHoarder

  20. Best Buy sold you a used device at new device price?

  21. I’ll start by saying I have no intent to commit fraud, but I’m new to shucking and put a couple old drives back in empty cases as a novelty. It really was quite simple, and worked without any modifications. This probably explains why Best Buy has started tracking serials on these if it is a widespread problem.

  22. **ALWAYS** [CrystalDiskInfo](https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskinfo/) before you shuck.

    Should be an easy return process if you haven’t shucked it yet.

    Honestly amazed how many people don’t even plug in the external before shucking! Especially on this sub.

  23. The work just to rip somebody off. Absolutely amazing.

  24. Sounds like WD needs to start packaging these in plastic clamshell retail packs. If it’s been opened, no way. Or a security sticker over the enclosure that will break if shucked. So easy to check in store without needing a PC.

  25. In contrast I did the same sale and got the drives from Best Buy working in my NAS just fine. I don’t think they’re red drives (if they are there’s nothing clearly indicating it) but thus far they work great. The only slightly fishy thing was that they came with different power bricks (neither of which I need).

    Sorry to hear about your situation.

  26. I wonder how can you proof it is not you who did the swap? Because the person who did that can also pretend they got the fake drive instead of what they offered.

  27. What I don’t understand is why Best Buy is selling returned items as New and not open box or refurbished?

  28. Same thing happened to me with 12TB easystores bought from Best Buy around Thanksgiving. I just told them that it wouldn’t power-on and it was exchanged without issue. Annoying that it happened though. No fishing weights in mine!

  29. The scammer took the time to weigh the drive before stealing the 14TB, after they installed the 250GB, they found the difference in weight and then installed a fishing weight to make up for it. Wow.

  30. Yep, same thing happened to me last week. Bought a 10TB Easystore and received a 250 Hitachi drive in there. Everything on the outside and inside of the box was perfect. Had a bit of a hassle returning it to Best Buy since the serial number of the hard drive didn’t match the outside of the box, but eventually received a refund.

  31. This is so frustrating to read. I always find myself thinking in this day and age I wish there was technology to circumvent this.

  32. This prompted me to check mine and one of my 10TB is reading as an 8TB with no partitions on it. Huh weird, but nowhere near as whack as your situation.

    Hope you get this resolved easily!

  33. There is a flaw on the packaging. And I understand why Best Buy would just put it back on the shelves.

    Recording serial numbers at the time of sale would not help, unless each drive is checked upon return even if box was “not opened”. But then Best Buy would have to sell for less.

    Anyway, there are bad people everywhere trying to find ways to scam good people every time. Hopefully, someday they will get caught.

  34. …. who does this? I’ve shucked all of my easystores, and have been extremely careful with the shell, just for warranty purposes. Gosh I hate this world.

  35. Someone posed a similar experience a few days ago. I usually unbox anything I buy at best buy at the checkout counter just to be safe. Might be time to start dragging a laptop along and plugging in the new drive right at the store. Best buy used to re shrink wrap returns, not sure if they still do.

  36. Fraud: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.


    It’s a federal crime. Will bestbuy follow trough though? Hmmmmm….

  37. I’m impressed and curious as to how he determined that that particular fishing weight was needed as the weight of the missing 13.75 TB.

  38. the fishing lure made me lol, damn that sucks.

  39. That really sucks. But this is also on the store. People try to return the wrong items all the time, and it’s not completely unreasonable to expect the store to check, I think.

  40. That is brutal. What a wanker. I hope Best Buy doesn’t give you the run around on the return. Also I hope Best Buy traces back the drives and pulls the refund back if they can.