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115 Gb Google Drive storage forever?!

I’m a bit of a newbie so bare with me.
Long story short a while back I took my brother’s HTC phone and it came with 100Gb of Google Drive for free for 2 years making the total 115Gb. It’s been way more than 2 years, HTC stopped making phones and Google Drive has yet to tell me to pay them anything, I want to know if it’s because I filled it maybe? I’m paranoid that I’m gonna have to pay eventually. But if it’s a loophole in the system then check if you have an HTC at home and claim those free 100 gigs.

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29 Yorumları

  1. Even I got the extra 100GB for my htc m9, not as lucky as you though, mine got downgraded after 2 years.

    You should just leave it as it is lol . Backup whatever you want on it. If and when google removes the 100gb, you can still access the additional data, just can’t add more I think.

  2. Not your box, not your data.

    Third party cloud storage should be a very short term solution only.

  3. Nextcloud. Run your own “Google Drive” from a home computer/server.

  4. Trust Google at your own peril. Bad move if you ask me.

  5. i have my old school account in a lot of things and it still working and it works as my personal account

  6. If the storage is “red” as in “above the limit” you have about 2 years after your plan ends as a grace period until they start deleting your shit.

  7. Yeah so if you use up space that you stop paying for with G Drive you still can use that space you just can’t continue to add to it. Google doesn’t want anyone loosing any data because of them.

  8. I THINK googles policy after space runs out is you can’t add more but can basically always download what you have.

  9. Same thing happened with my old LG G4, whenever I reset it, it activated 100gb a few times then it stopped & I just started paying the $2 a month

  10. No cloud storage is forever. Self-host your stuff if you want longevity.

  11. Cloud storage (Google drive, dropbox, etc.) is never, ever permanent storage. They’re moving targets in terms of company policies, pricing, storage limits, upload/download limits, etc. *Especially* if it’s free, or part of a promotion.

    And they’ve an army of lawyers that write the stuff reference in the asterisk by the “forever” or “unlimited” part of the clause. Even if they have good intentions, no company is going to paint themselves into a corner. They’ll give themselves several ways out.

    I’m not saying don’t use these services, but you’ve got to pay attention to their terms as they will change over the years and don’t be surprised if you have to bail out quickly.

  12. Count yourself lucky. I had the same deal with my HTC but right at the 2yr mark they sent me a warning about a week before that the free offer was expiring and I’d have to pay to keep it.

  13. I have my University Google account. I graduated in 2017 but I can still access it with unlimited drive. Can anyone let me know if my University or Google can shut it down in the future?

  14. It is forever until you get an email that the terms of service are being updated and forever has been redefined to mean October 15.

  15. I’ve been using my student google account to store a save files for games and other stuff cos it has an unlimited storage cap. Probs won’t last for too much longer tho as I’m set to graduate in a month but here’s hoping they forget to delete it.

  16. Something to also keep in mind with Google drive/Storage


    Beginning on June 1, 2021, Google will enact a new policy that applies to the storage on several of its services. As early as June 1, 2023, Google will delete data from Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Jamboard, Gmail, Photos, Drawings, Forms, and Sites if they are inactive for two years.


  17. i had several of those free storage from promotions. They took some away over the years because of “policy” changes. There never is a free cake.

  18. The path of least resistance is to just pay Google $29.99 a year when the promo ends. If this stuff is important to you and you don’t want to change the way you access it, it’s chump change.

    You have no idea how much some of the people on here spend on storage devices. $$$$.

    If you want to store heaps of data (think 10s of terabytes+) you need your own hardware to deal with it.

    Your storage situation is different and doesn’t take much. I mean damn a 256gb SD card is like $30 on Amazon – not that I’d recommend that as your only backup.

  19. If I wanted 115GB stored forever I’d be inclined to create a website and get [archive.org](https://archive.org) to [crawl it](https://blog.archive.org/2017/01/25/see-something-save-something/) (planning to do this with my family archives).

  20. Same deal here, got an htc m8 in 2014, had 100gb free since then, I just got my notice that I have until December. So sadly it ends.

  21. had Two LG V20. i got +200GB , they wont charge you unless you buy Google One.

    my 2nd [100gb](https://imgur.com/a/h2ry9dw) will expire next 2023 lol

  22. 115GB? That’s like asking if you should keep $1 you found on the street.

  23. open a ticket with google support to correct their mistake

  24. If you go over the base 15 when the 100GB bonus runs out, the data stays but you can’t add anymore files or update them until you lower back to the under 15GB allowance.