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10x8TB (SnapRAID/mergerfs) in a Fractal Define R5, with room for more.

10x8TB (SnapRAID/mergerfs) in a Fractal Define R5, with room for more.

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  1. I have this case and I love it except for one thing: the HDD mounting brackets don’t work for the larger (>8TB) disk drives.

    Up until this generation of HDD’s they had bottom mounting holes at points A7 and A11 (see [here](https://support.wdc.com/images/kb/2579-771970-A03.pdf)). Theses sets of holes are at the connector end and in the middle, which is where the mounting holes in the Define R5’s HDD brackets are. The new, large drives have mounting holes at A7 and A13 (the non-connector end) so you can only screw them to the bracket at A7 (closest to the connector). This means that they are only connected by a single set of holes and, if you tilt the case, they can lift up and off.

    I have looked but have yet to find a HDD mounting bracket for this case that fits the newer drives. Did you solve this problem so other way?

  2. Very nice! Did the same awhile ago with more drives in my older R4 https://imgur.com/32Rljao. Moved up to a Backblaze chassis now.

  3. How do you connect the disks? I see no sata HBA card. Also what did you use to split SATA power?

  4. Curious about the 750W PSU – is it necessary? I would have thought a high quality 350W PSU would be more than enough?

    Or does this PSU have individual connectors for each drive? something like that?

  5. But DUDE, that fan and heatsink, your letting the team down…

    If that fan is good enough then just get a big heatsink and no fan.

  6. Really enjoying this post! For those that are not that experienced with Linux regarding setup of snapraid and mergerfs: Have a look at openmediavault. It has great plugin support for the latter in a nice GUI way ?

  7. How do you guys connect all your hdds? Raid controller?

  8. What is your CPU and MB ? I need to replace my i5-4440 by a low consumption CPU 😀
    What is the price for the CM + CPU ?

  9. I have that PSU and it’s been a champ – just replaced it with an HX1200 and having headaches from it. Miss that sucker!

  10. I like it but please clean the dust of the rear fan blades.

  11. Can you show your Grafana metric to get the Dataset Growth figure? I’ve got Total and Used data handy.

  12. Looks good! I love the Define series; so much flexibility, it’s well built, and it’s quiet! What are you using the NAS for?

  13. Where did you get the 2 slot HDD cage? I don’t remember that coming with my R5

    Nevermind just read your post.

  14. What OS are you running for your SnapRAID/merferFS build?

  15. Fractal makes hands down the nicest cases. I love them. ~~What type of mobo/cpu/ram setup you have there?~~

  16. My server is just a bunch of disks on a Windows gaming PC and Fractal Design was easily the biggest case I could find in terms of hard drive capacity. (and I researched a lot…the only one that beat it was some Lian Li case from years ago that is $450 and literally has wheels).

    It holds 12 3.5″ hard drives and two 2.5″ drives. I love it so much.

  17. Nice! I have the same case with 6x8gb currently, let’s see the back LOL

  18. Pictures like this are my pornhub. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I haven’t built a computer in a long time. How are all of these drives connected to the computer? I don’t see a raid controller or a ton of SATA cables.

  20. Sure you got 10 drives there, but where are all of the 10 SATA connectors going? And where are all the power lines going?

  21. I have my Unraid build in the same case. Where do you buy the extra drive cages from?

  22. I like the inside of my R5 pretty well for my NAS purposes, but recently it has started buzzing a lot with the change of temperature to winter. It’s coming from the front but I haven’t found the exact culprit yet. I can put light pressure on the front door and it stops, so it’s somewhere around there. I have Noctua fans all around which are quiet and rubber-mounted.

  23. Cool, that’s one of the nicer cases out there (I used to have also a NZXT H230 that has similar layout). One can also use the 5.25in for a cage for 3.5in or 2.5in disks to expand even more.

    Which motherboard did you use which has two (but there may be four from the photo) SATA multiplexing socket? The labels on the photo are not quite readable.

  24. Looks good.

    This is the kind of content more people should post rather than photos of Easystore boxes.

  25. Looks wonderful!

    What kind of motherboard/CPU combination are you using?
    Looking at the cooler it appears to be a fairly low TDP config.

    Edit: Thank you for the additional information and the link to your post about the media server!

  26. This is an update to a [previous post of mine about my media server](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/6hvcay/new_bulk_storage_nas_xeon_d1518_4x_8tb_wd_reds/).

    Since then, I’ve swapped cases with another machine of mine into a Fractal Define R5 (up from a Define Mini). I added an extra 2-drive cage that I pulled from my gaming PC (that has no spinning disks anyway) to give me room for more drives. I could probably fit another 2 drives in there if I salvaged a cage from my Define XL that runs my hypervisor.

    I’ve also added a 480GB SM953 SSD to the onboard M.2 slot for scratch space/cache.

    Still using SnapRAID with two parity drives and mergerfs to merge all the drives together. It works great for what I’m using it for. Highly recommend this setup for media storage, much more flexible than ZFS. I can add one drive at a time as sales pop up.

    Dashboard is built with Grafana and I use Prometheus for collecting the underlying metrics.